Waiting Pet Peeve

So over dinner, Xyon and I were chatting as usual, and the topic of waiting came up. One of the things I hated as a kid, was when my parents would line up at the checkout line, decide they forgot something, and ask us (the kids) to man the shopping cart while they go pick up the items they forgot. As an engineer, I would agree this would be most efficient, but as a kid, I was scared shitless, always wondering if they’ll be back before it reaches my turned at the checkout line.

You know how you get that feeling where 1 minute feels like an hour. Yeah, I get that feeling when I at the checkout line and the person who’s paying isn’t. When asked what I should do if I’m next in line and you guys aren’t back yet, they say to just let the person behind me go ahead. And if they always came back in time, I’d probably have more confidence in them, but there’s been times I’d have to let 3 or 4 people behind me go ahead.

Being shy when I was younger (not that I’m that much more unreserved nowadays), it was an extremely horrible experience and I hated it every time. It’s also not like they’re in a hurry to come back. They seem to take their sweet old time deciding which one to get, which is a better deal, etc, meanwhile, poor little old me is here standing here shaking.

If they ask me to do that now and aren’t back by the time it’s my turn, I’d probably just pay and checkout on my own.

2 thoughts on “Waiting Pet Peeve

  1. this one time i saw 2 ladies have a shouting match over this kind of scenario at costco. lady 1 was holding her place in line while her siblings or something were getting their items. lady 2 decided since lady 1 wasn’t ready, she started putting her items on the conveyor belt. when lady 1 saw this, she started yelling, “what are you doing? i am in line!” then lady 2 said, “but you’re not ready!” then lady 1 shouted, “why are you being such a bitch??” and lady 2 was like, “I’M being a bitch?!?! you’re the bitch!!”

    it was hilarious, but i tried not to look. =)

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