No Hot Water, Brrrrrr

The first day I came back from LA, I basically had to boot up my house.

  • Change my heater settings back to normal
  • Find my Roombas since it’s pretty likely that during my 3 week break, they would’ve gotten stuck somewhere
  • Throw away food that’s expired
  • Set all my clocks again (apparently there’s been 1 or more blackouts – good thing all my computers have UPS)
  • etc.

But I forgot one crucial thing… I was tired, so I decided to take a shower and go to sleep. Turns out I had forgotten to change my water heater settings back and it was still in vacation mode. And given the fact there were still snow outside, you could imagine how bad it was to take a shower in cold/lukewarm water. Even if I went down to turn on the water heater, it would take awhile before the water would be hot enough to use. I decided to bear with it and finish my shower.

A lesson that will be remembered.

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