WordPress Flash Upload Not Working

After upgrading to WordPress 2.7 awhile back, I noticed they included a flash uploader for images. However, I never did get it to work as I was unsure what to do with the following UI:

WordPress Flash Uploader Not Working

I ended up switching over to the browser uploader, which has worked for me.

The other day I decided to go figure out what was wrong. At first I thought it was because I didn’t have the latest version of Flash, but even after upgrading to Flash 10, it still did not work. Then I thought maybe it only works in IE and not Firefox, but even on IE with the latest version of Flash, it didn’t work.

I started researching the issue online and found: Flash Upload Not working in Latest 2.7 ver

Turns out the version of swfupload included with WordPress is incorrect or broken. I went to swfupload – Google Code and download the latest version, and overwrote the files in /wp-includes/js/swfupload. The only file you really need to keep in there is handlers.js.

Now the flash uploader is working like a charm:

WordPress Flash Uploader Working

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  1. this worked for me, but I had to pull the swfupload.swf file out of the Flash directory and upload it into the main swfupload directory to get it to work.

  2. Thanks! The broken flash has really been bugging me for a while. I’m going to grab the Google code and see if that does the trick. Of course, we’ll need to reapply every time we upgrade WordPress….be nice if the official zip could get this in there soon!

    Any ideas on what happened to the more sophisticated visual editor tools? I used to be able to assign , , etc without code but it looks like that went away, too. Ideas?

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