4 Day Weekend

First, I wanted to thank Andrew’s parents again for treating us to an awesome dinner at Tavolàta. If what they told me is true and they do in fact still read my blog, they’ll see this.

Now onto the topic at hand. For the past month, our whole team has been working crazy hours trying to get Geneva products to beta 2 ship quality. And the task at hand was completed last Friday (4/24).

This Friday (5/1) is our move day (we’re moving from the 5th floor to the 4th floor), just regular office shuffling that happens once or twice a year. The move apparently starts around noon, “inconveniently” just about when I usually get into the office.

So my lead is giving everyone a day off for the extra hours we’ve put in. Initially I was given Thursday (yesterday) off, but I wanted to wrap some stuff up this week and decided to take the following Monday off. So tomorrow might be a semi-work day depending if I get access to my computers. And of course I have the next Monday off.

Given the late notice, I thought about flying back home. But I’m going to be there in June for my sister’s graduation, so didn’t really feel that was worth it. Oh well.

But wait! It gets better! 2 days next week are “morale” days.

On Wednesday, we’re having our ship party at some fancy hotel. On Thursday, we’re going to watch Star Trek at the Bellevue Squares IMAX (I didn’t even realize there was an IMAX there).

So yep… things look great this coming week. 🙂

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