I ♥ Kirkland Signature

I ♥ Kirkland Signature!

From this month’s Costco Connection:

With Kirkland Signature, Costco can:

  • Develop popular items with wide appeal to expand sales volume
  • Control the quality of the product
  • Drive down prices on national brands
  • Control the packaging
  • Achieve pallet efficiencies.

– Jim Sinegal, Costco CEO

The working rule followed by Costco buyers is that all Kirkland Signature products must be equal to or better than the national brands, and must offer a savings to our members.” – Dick DiCerchi, Costco COO

In the traditional marketplace, brands are build over the years with expensive advertising campaigns built around cornerstone produts. In contrast, the Kirkland Signature brand has grown by this formula: Offer high-quality products at great prices, and let the members decide. – Tim Talevich

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  1. While I generally agree that Kirkland Signature products are good quality, their paper towels just don’t compare to Bounty. Never tried their tissues or toilet paper — too nervous after disliking the paper towels!

    It’s interesting how the KS brand gets stamped onto some things, like Stretch-Tite (best plastic wrap EVER) and their Hansen’s juice boxes.

  2. Yah, I usually get the Bounty paper towels as well as the Charmin toilet paper. The Charmin stuff is definitely softer than the KS quilted ones.