Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • Nintendo Wii for $200 shipped + $25 Gift Card @amazon: @slickdeals: #
  • found out you're not suppose to put Pillsbury croissant dough into the freezer, or else you can't unroll the darn things. #
  • Catch the Season 4 premiere of Dexter on Netflix On Demand (Watch Instantly): (available till 10/12) (via @hdtrailers) #
  • @bartonjs Do you get to make the similar condition about a pet peeve you have about here? in reply to bartonjs #
  • Sign up for Costco Auto-Renewal via Amex and get 2 months free: #
  • began watching 化į‰ŠčĒž (Bakemonogatari – Ghost Story). Really fun, interesting, and atypical anime. I like it when Araragi's hair twitches. #
  • @gootecks Are they making a sequel called Super Street Fighter IV? #
  • My computer just beeped once every ~15 seconds for like 5 minutes. Then it stops. Annoying. Reminds me of #
  • Does anyone know if The Beatles – All You Need Is Love will work in Rock Band 2? Or does it only work in The Beatles: Rock Band? #
  • Is Microsoft breaking up Fable II into 5 parts, giving away "Episode" 1 for free, and charging for the remaining 4? #
  • @krunk4ever Destructoid reports that players who reach the end of an episode will be prompted in-game to purchase the next @ 800pts ($10). in reply to krunk4ever #
  • @digadeesh Yep, there's been similar complaints about games on demand (~$30) being available in retail for $20 or less. in reply to digadeesh #
  • I think I've officially given up on the Wii. Even at $149+tax (after Bing cashback), I'm still not jumping: #
  • @angelgrrl813 Booo… So it's not like Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 where DLC are interchangeable. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • @hjo3 Are you even allowed to transport live animals via USPS? in reply to hjo3 #
  • @hjo3 Interesting. It looks like they'll accept live animals that don't require delivery within 72hrs: in reply to hjo3 #
  • Following the OS-tan meme, it looks like someone created Afghanis-tan and Pakis-tan: #
  • It's always cool to find cash you didn't know you had. I just found $260 in a random envelope when I was searching for blank checks. #
  • @jscott Reminds me of the lobster: in reply to jscott #
  • @GuySrinivasan My friend sent me these images a few days ago: in reply to GuySrinivasan #
  • Did you know that Bullet Bill from Super Mario Bros. had arms/hands? #
  • In Naruto, what would happen if 2 people who were fighting summoned the same type of creatures… #
  • Sigh… ESPP just had to be the day before the grim economic report and rising unemployment rate. #
  • @angelgrrl813 @ryandjohnson There's no minimum/maximum age requirement for good music. 🙂 in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • Inspector Megure to Conan: I always thought Mouri-kun was the God of Death, but actually it might you. Conan: Hahaha #

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