Initial Thoughts on FlashForward

So I finished watching Baccano! and started watching FlashForward on Hulu. I’ll probably have a review on Baccano! later. FlashForward looks like a pretty good TV series so far.

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Here’s a quick description of the premise:

On this particular day at the exact same time, everyone (global) has a blackout for 2 mins 17 secs. During this time, they have a flashforward (contrary to a flashback) of some time 6 months into the future. The funny thing is everyone has a flashforward for that exact same moment in the future. The TV show revolves on figuring out what happened.

Note: Since flashback is 1-word, I’m keeping flashforward as 1-word in my posts also.

Here’s my thoughts so far:


My initial thoughts on why Agent Demetri Noh (John Cho) didn’t have a blackout, even before they had explained, was that he’s probably dead by the flashforward date. However, as I continued watching the first episode, it got me thinking maybe he has a reason for not revealing his flashforward. I think he’s one of the bad guys who didn’t have a blackout, but just claims to be so he doesn’t stick out. He’s the rat/the mole to delay the FBI’s investigation or whatever his purpose is.

That would explain several other key points I picked up in the 1st episode. Agent Noh was gone and nowhere near when Agent Benford woke up from the blackout. I was also surprised that given Agent Noh had waken up before Agent Benford, Agent Noh didn’t try to wake up Agent Benford or even pull him out of the car wreck.

There were also supposed to be 3 people in the car they were chasing. When they came around, the driver was dead, the woman was apprehended, and we’re still missing one person. My guess was Agent Noh was hiding him somewhere in that time.


That’s all for now. I’m just starting to watch episode 2 and if they’ve already revealed something that contradicts my predictions, then oh well.

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  1. I have been watching this one (mostly) online too. If you are using Windows I would recommend watching it directly from ABC’s website. The quality is way better than Hulu and I think the episodes are up faster.
    My take on the show is this: They have me hooked for at least 1 season, but the second this event repeats itself to allow for a second season I am out. It would just become another 24 and I won’t get sucked into another groundhog’s day.
    Interesting idea about Demetri though. I won’t ruin the next couple of episodes for you but you may want to be careful about what twitter updates you read from me.

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