Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Grrr. I have to get to the bus station by 7:15am tomorrow to get a bus into Seattle for jury duty. That means waking up at like 6:30am. #
  • @krunk4ever Good thing I looked up Sound Transit. There's no parking at Bellevue Transit Center. Looks like Overlake Transit center it is. in reply to krunk4ever #
  • riding on a public bus for the 1st time in Seattle. It even has free wifi. Can't believe how early kids wake up for school! #
  • w00t! There's free wifi in the courthouse too! #
  • Free Snuggie? #
  • Apparently 2nd day of jury duty starts at 8:50am = 50 more mins of sleep 🙂 #
  • @ellism There should be a way to bypass Adobe's download manager. in reply to ellism #
  • Do I want to spend 1280pts on the Queen Rock Band Pack? #
  • @krunk4ever It looks like I'm only familiar with 3 of the songs: Another One Bites the Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Under Pressure in reply to krunk4ever #
  • Do you ever fear that people will find out the real you? #
  • Got excused from jury duty. A bit sad. Funny how I arrive at work earlier than on my regular days. #
  • @0xFCAF I'd suggest electrifying your car's wires, but rat poison would do just fine. 😀 in reply to 0xFCAF #
  • @angelgrrl813 I picked up some peppermint bark from their bakery. It is yummy! 😀 in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • @angelgrrl813 It was next to their cookies/pie area. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • @angelgrrl813 I first heard of peppermint bark a few weeks ago via @bartonjs, so Kirkland Signature is the 1st ones I've tried. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • @angelgrrl813 Booo. Tabbing in @Echofon for Firefox while your typing closes the window. ;p in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • This is the kind of Windows 7 promotion I can get behind! (via @jscott) I wonder if I can fit that in my mouth. #
  • @angelgrrl813 It'll be like the Netflix instant watch model. Good thing @hulu is only a backup to my DVR. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • is surprised that Win7 is running smoothly on his old IBM Thinkpad X31 (from college days) #
  • is surprised that Win7 is running smoothly on his old IBM Thinkpad X31 (from college days – PM Centrino 1.3GHz + 512MB RAM) #
  • It's so cool that ancient Chinese people had 2 names (i.e. Zhuge Liang = Kong Ming). Apparently it's known as 字 (courtesy name). #
  • @aChrisSmith I always wondered the same thing about Craigslist. in reply to aChrisSmith #
  • CheapyD & CampingKev vs. Burger King's Windows 7 Whopper: #
  • @hjo3 They are when you refer to the group and not an individual (e.g. The Tibetans are peaceful people) in reply to hjo3 #
  • @ryandjohnson Can't you use that logic against any iPhone apps over 10MB? Things is after you download it once, you can use it wherever. in reply to ryandjohnson #

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