Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-14

  • Is it possible to hypnotize someone and make them believe they're dead and not wake up? #
  • w00t! My Zune HD arrived! Can't wait to play with it when I get home tonight. #
  • The 405/520 conjunction is a clusterf*ck at 10:30am in the morning. Then I remembered the meeting I had to attend was at 2pm, not 11am. #
  • Traveling this holiday season? Free Wi-Fi from Google at SEA and 46 other airports: #
  • @rothgar Better than my friend who pre-order Dragon Age from Best Buy and still has yet to receive it. in reply to rothgar #
  • @krunk4ever Forgot to mention Wi-Fi is free on any Virgin America flight too. Speaking of which, I still have $50 credit with them. in reply to krunk4ever #
  • Ooooh, 5 Eddie Izzard films are now available for streaming on @netflix. #
  • @rothgar The iPod Touch is a bit too big. Zune HD is still a bit big, but looks sleek and has a bunch of cool features. in reply to rothgar #
  • Remember to sign up for Discover Double Cashback Bonus: (includes online shopping) #
  • Does anyone know how to sync/migrate song ratings from iTunes to Zune? #
  • Amazing Horse drawn by @TikiJ's boss: Reference: #
  • Installing Win7 on my main computer after upgrading my 250GB hdd to 2x500GB RAID 0. So exciting! 😀 #
  • @bartonjs Considered that, but I already do daily backups so my main computer is meant for pure speed 🙂 in reply to bartonjs #
  • Should I stick with Avast or try out MSE as my anti-virus software? #
  • found out that Sync Toy had created 26GB of data in my Documents folder… #
  • Anyone know why Win7 says I only have 2.87GB of usable RAM (out of 4GB) even on 64bit? #
  • Sigh… My smart card is blocked. Looks like I need to go into the office. #
  • Saw this in a Jimmy John's restroom: Too bad they didn't have a chair. #

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