Thank You

snoopy hug I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who’s asked and made sure I was alright and still hanging in there.

I’m actually surprised at how fast I recovered. Maybe I had more experience now or maybe I wasn’t actually expecting much this time around. After I received the answer, it was a major relief that I can now move on. I was actually able to get a good night sleep that same night, something that’s been rare these days. It probably has to do with all my problems and worries suddenly disappearing.

As several people have mentioned, I did not come out of this with nothing and I totally agree. Besides the experience, I’m now dressing nicer and have lost a lot of weight. This experience has definitely changed my perspective on life and I’m looking forward for all the things that it has in stored for me.

So this post is for all my friends out there. Thank you. (^_^x)

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