Being Gouged for Laptop Repair

Side note: I’m in the middle of typing up my “essay” for Jeremy and Janine’s wedding experience and that thing is huge. I should probably shorten it given I have like 10-15 headings already. But that essay will be posted eventually. I should probably upload the remainder of my photos too.

My aunt heard I was coming back to visit and asked my mom if I could take a look at her laptop to see what’s wrong. The computer repair shop quoted her $400+ for the parts/labor to fix her issue. My mom asked if I could help and I said I couldn’t make any promises (either time-wise or the ability to fix the issue).

She dropped by yesterday with the laptop. I tried to boot the computer, but the battery appeared completely drained. I plugged in the power adapter and it would appear to boot up, but nothing would show on the screen. I would hear the hard drive click several times and the computer would shut off.

I unscrewed the panels on the back where the hard drive and memory were located and noticed the memory were not seated correctly. I reinserted the RAM and booted up the machine and everything was working fine. It booted into Windows 7 with no problems. Apparently that was all the issue was.

Now I’m curious, did the repair shop purposely unseat the RAM? I asked what the issue was before they took the computer into the repair shop and she said the computer wouldn’t turn on. Upon further inquiry, she meant nothing showed up on the screen. I’m still not sure how RAM can be loosened like that unless done on purpose. Even if someone dropped the computer, I’m not sure RAM can be loosened and there were no signs that the laptop was ever dropped.

I’m still shocked at the computer repair shop for quoting a $400+ repair bill. Either they’re super incompetent, or they’re just ripping off unknowing customers (I’m guessing it’s more of the latter). If I knew which computer repair shop she took it to, I’d warn you guys, but unfortunately I don’t have that information.

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