If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen me praising Limbo to no end. It’s part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade and it’s an awesome puzzle side-scrolling game with very stylistic art. People have complained that the game’s too short for its 1200pt cost (~$15) and I do agree the game’s a bit short. It took me about 4 hours to complete, but this is probably one of the first games I’ve completed in years and the sense of accomplishment is awesome. The best part of the game was actually dying and seeing it’s death animation sequences. Those were so cool!


But this blog post is really to talk about a new game I recently heard about. Ars Technica had an article earlier this week: Machinarium suffers 90% piracy rate, offers $5 amnesty sale. I decided to check out what the game’s about and it turns out to be a clicking puzzle game containing very beautiful artwork and music. You can play a couple levels via their demo on their website: Machinarium Demo.

For $5, this is an awesome deal and I’m pretty sure I can get $5 worth of entertainment from it. Heck, I probably already got it from the demo. Plus I didn’t realize it also came with the game soundtrack and as I mentioned earlier, the music for the game is beautiful!

However due to my recent acquirement of StarCraft II (belated birthday gift from Perry – thanks!), I’m afraid I have to choose SC2 over Machinarium at the moment. I’ll definitely come back to it at a later time. 🙂

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