Hard Drive 5-Year Warranty

Seagate logo So as I mentioned one of my hdds failed in my RAID5 array. I’ve got to say the quality of this batch of Seagate hdds (Barracuda 7200.7 160GB) were pretty flaky. One died early on in the process (had it RMAed) and the remaining 2 that are still working pass the scan test really slowly.

I decided it’d be fun to see if this hdd was still under warranty. When I couldn’t lookup the warranty status via Seagate’s website, I shot them an email. Their reply:

Unfortunately, it looks like your drive is outside the warranty period.

Serial 4MT0****
Model Number ST3160827AS-RK
Part Number 9W2984-557
Warranty Status Out of Warranty
Warranty End Date 06/10/2010

I swear they time these things. ;p

Then again, do I really have a need for another spare 160GB hdd?

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