Revisiting the ‘Manhattan’

Toland trying a Manhattan 4 years after first trying the Manhattan at Derek’s holiday party and creating my Facebook picture that lasted for years, I guess it was time to me to give it a try again given my new fondness for alcohol.

First I’d like to thank Derek and Shanna for hosting an awesome party again!

Ryan made me another one to see if I would like it now. It was not as horribly disgusting as my first experience, but it was still pretty gross and hard to go down. I tried to down it like a shot, but it just couldn’t make myself to do it. I did managed to finish the drink after 10-15mins.

Then Derek convinced me to try red bull + vodka, his drink of choice for the night. I dislike red bull in general, but he told me the vodka makes it taste better. Oh what a lie that was. What it made it taste like was cough syrup. I didn’t bother finishing it.

Despite having some really bad tasting alcohol, I did have some really delicious icewine as well as some Moscato (which I mistakenly called it mosquito throughout the night).

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