New Email Address

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have decided to change email address. It appears my email address was leaked and it has been receiving a ton of spam recently. It’s also what prompted me to post Why is There No Universal Email Web Client? last week.

After a long deliberation, I decided to give GMail a try. The main reasons being:

  • Ability to import emails from different accounts
  • Ability to send emails as different accounts
  • Free POP3, IMAP, and ActiveSync support
  • Emails are kept forever
  • Great spam filter
  • Tons of space

I know the last 2 are given for most email services these days, but did you know that Yahoo! still charges if you want POP3?!?!

I never knew how much I would love that deleting emails == archiving emails. No longer do I need to manually move emails I want to keep into a specific folder. Just delete it and if I ever need to find it again, I just have to search for it.

I was initially hesitant to give up all my email to Google, like they don’t know enough about me already. But I decided for the convenience, it would be worth it. I also consider hosting my email server on GMail, but decided to hold off on that for now.

Moving my email over did take a bit of time as I’m guessing (drag and drop) IMAP to IMAP via Outlook isn’t exactly the most efficient. But I went from occupying less than 1% of my email space quota to You are currently using 1325 MB (17%) of your 7586 MB.

Emails to my old address will still work (albeit with a delay), as they’re automatically imported by GMail every so often. My new email address is basically the same as my old one, but instead of *, it’s *

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