Signed up for Google Apps

I signed up my domain to use Google Apps. Hit a couple bumps along the way. Apparently my site had been previously registered for Google Apps. I don’t recall ever doing it, but my memory isn’t exactly great. In order to reset the account, I had to modify my DNS settings to verify that I own the domain. Turns out there wasn’t even an admin account setup for that Google Apps domain.

One of the reasons I was initially hesitant to sign up for Google Apps was because I had a catch-all account and I recall someone told me that Google Apps didn’t support catch-all. Either I misremembered or they added that feature later, but it appears they now support catch-all. The reason why the catch-all account is important is because I provide unique email addresses for most businesses I deal with. The instructions seem simple enough.

However, following those instructions landed me in a grayed out disabled forward address box. Turns out I’m not the only person who hit this issue: Why is the catchall forward address grayed out? I tried switching back to the current version (instead of the default of next generation) as suggested by some people, but that didn’t fix the issue.

Given on how much I rely on my catch-all, I was pretty upset this wasn’t working out and was even set on switching back. Then I found this thread: Can’t assign address to catch-all and the suggested workaround was to sign up for Google Apps for Business 30-day trial, which would make that field editable. After upgrading to Google Apps for Business, I was able to set the forwarding/routing address for my catch-all. Annoying that I had to do this to get it working when their help says that the free edition has this feature too.

Things seem to be working so far. I’m decided to continue using my GMail account as my default, so my old email address will just be considered as part of the catch-all.

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