Wireless Peripherals with USB Connection

Just a random rant.

I wonder why manufacturers don’t include a USB cable/connection on wireless peripherals (e.g. keyboards and mice). This is probably already out there in the market, just not in any peripherals that are any good. I know it’s probably counter-intuitive to think wireless peripherals with a wired USB connection, but have you ever had to setup a new computer with wireless peripherals or had your computer forget how to talk to your wireless peripherals? Do you recall having to find an existing wired keyboard and mouse or pull one from a working computer to setup your wireless keyboard and mouse? Yeah, annoying right?

If they included a USB cable (which would be great if they could design that it’s hidden/retracted when not in use) or if they just include a mini-USB port so I can easily connect it with a USB cable, that’d be awesome!

One could argue that if you ever had to use a wired keyboard/mouse to setup your wireless peripherals, that the design is broken already and I would agree. But until the day where they can magically get wireless peripherals to talk to my computer, I still need to bust out my USB keyboard and mouse.

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