Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

  • Mac users should definitely check out MPlayerX: So far, it feels a lot better than VLC. #
  • Another strip with Hobbes and Bacon! #
  • @angelgrrl813 I've tried a couple "How do you spell ______." and Siri doesn't seem to know that command. in reply to angelgrrl813 #
  • If you’ve accidentally deleted/removed an app from your purchases list in the Mac App Store, here’s how to restore it: #
  • Did I just see an advertisement that Arco now accepts credit cards with no fees? #
  • Did I really just see an advertisement for Arco accepting credit cards with no fee? #
  • @yiwenie Hi, you don’t actually sync your birthday calendar. Instead you sync your contacts which your birthday calendar is derived off of. in reply to yiwenie #
  • @yiwenie You can either sync your contacts directly via iTunes, or have them sync through iCloud. You can also sync them through Google. in reply to yiwenie #
  • @yiwenie 1. Check if the birthday shows up in your iPhone’s contact info. 2. Check if the Birthdays calendar is enabled on your iPhone. in reply to yiwenie #
  • @yiwenie Interesting. My birthday alerts aren’t enabled, but I’ve always got the popup when it hits 12am. Glad you found what you wanted. 🙂 in reply to yiwenie #
  • @ralphlee Is it as awesome as people claim it is? in reply to ralphlee #
  • @ralphlee For coffee enthusiasts, worth trying at least once in your life. 😀 in reply to ralphlee #
  • This is so cool! #
  • Yet another reason why Siri is awesome: hands-free texting. #
  • @rothgar Despite being on rails, train and subway operators still make sure there’s no obstructions. Otherwise why need an operator? 🙂 in reply to rothgar #
  • This story just has a lot of WIN #
  • Annoying! @PayPal decided to limit my account for trying to withdraw $2 (now reversed). I have to confirm my address (takes 9 days via mail) #
  • Hands-On videos with the Lytro: My guess for the weird elongated form factor is all the lens required to do the magic. #
  • I like how Lytro doesn't really provide a resolution the pictures are captured at, but provides spec of 11 Megarays "light field resolution" #
  • There should be a website that list the monetary backers behind each side of an initiative. Apparently 1183 is Costco vs Beer & Liquor Distr #

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