Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • Really fun stop motion animation – Kalle Mattson – Thick As Thieves: #
  • When WordPress fails to contact Akismet, it no longer sends me a ton of "Please Moderate" emails and waits to resume connectivity. #awesome #
  • It's Uncle Iroh! RT @steamykitchen: LOL – funny tea bag (don't know if I could drink that!) #
  • @krunk4ever Spoke too early. The please moderate emails came once their services were back up and running. in reply to krunk4ever #
  • @Akismet @WordPress It would be nice to have the option to not send "Please moderate" emails when WordPress can't connect to Akismet. #
  • Minecraft lovers will enjoy this upcoming game: Castle Story via @hjo3 #
  • Something that's going to take me a very long time to get used ton the Mac is to eject CD/DVD, I have to do it from the computer. #
  • Pushing the eject button does nothing. 🙁 I guess Mac doesn't actually sell any CD/DVD player with an eject button. #
  • Not shocking that top 3 rated animes of 2011 (by fans w/ a huge margin) were ones that were rated with the best story. #
  • already saw Steins;Gate and AnoHana, both which were excellent, but can I convince myself to watch magic girl anime? *shivers* #ElPsyCongroo #
  • @rothgar In parts of the US, coke is synonymous to soda. 🙂 in reply to rothgar #
  • After reading this comic, I got a sudden craving for cheese: #
  • @abhijeet80 Account got hacked? in reply to abhijeet80 #
  • @loganb Unfortunately it's the easiest legit way got watch HD movies these days. Plus my Macbook Air / Mac mini doesn't have a spare bay. 🙂 in reply to loganb #
  • Ever hear the 1st 5 seconds of a song and in your mind, you're like oooh, I know this, but it turns out to be a completely different song? #
  • @charlie_white Just saw: Was wondering if you've seen this viral video yet: Time is Nothing #

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