New Clothes!

Vonlobster and I went to Bellevue Square today to do some shopping, before dinner and How to Train Your Dragon. I was introduced to The Rail in Nordstrom, apparently the clothing section for young adult males. Unfortunately I didn’t really see anything I particularly liked. Also, I personally have an internal sense on how much I would ever pay for a particular article of clothing, and typically malls/brand new clothing stores (when not on sale) are far beyond what I’d pay. Of course if I urgently need say a tie for a dinner event the next day, price isn’t much of a concern anymore. Clothes just don’t excite me. I can see how clothing can make me look nice, but even if I dawn upon a full suit like how Barney does in How I Met Your Mother, it’s not like I’ll be checking myself out constantly. That’s a different story with electronics, gadgets, and toys. If I really like something, I buy it immediately, regardless of the price.

I was also quite surprised that Vonlobster was the 1st person to noticed my new shoes, new shoes I’ve been wearing since Wednesday. I guess people may have noticed, but just didn’t tell me. People did comment on my button-up shirt though.

new shoesnew button up shirt

The above were on sale for $20 each shipped.

As I tweeted earlier, I spent $163 at Costco on just clothing, probably a small # for you veteran clothing shoppers, but probably the most I’ve ever spent on clothing in a single transaction. Right now I’m trying to convert my wardrobe tops from L(arge) to M(edium). I got myself several Kirkland Signature dress shirts, several Calvin Klein t-shirts, and several Hathaway polos. The Calvin Klein t-shirts were really nice and soft. I especially liked the Hathaway polos, even though I’ve never heard of them and couldn’t really find much information on them. The really only thing I found about Hathaway was an article featured in a 2007 Costco Connection. There were also some really nice PGA Tour polos too, but the only sizes they had were L, XL, and XXL. They also had some really nice Under Armour polos, but cost twice as much ($30 Under Armour vs $15 Hathaway), so I decided to stick with Hathaway and was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were.

While getting rid of some old t-shirts (some I had since college) to make room for my new clothing, I found my old stockpile of pants I wore back in college and they fit me again! Sweet! That means I can hold off on buying new pants. Though I am at the last hole on my belt, so it looks like I might need to invest in a new one.

One thing I’m working on right now is trying to find a jacket. I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for yet. The thing is I don’t wear jackets all that often, and if I do, it’s usually something very thin/lightweight. A blazer isn’t an everyday thing and I’m not into leather jackets either. I do have several sports/track jacket, but they don’t particular go well with the new clothes I’ve purchased. Oh well, not in any particular rush here. Summer’s around the corner so I have till next Winter to find a new jacket.