At dinner the other night at Ruth’s Chris, Xyon brought up the topic if we knew how snake antivenin was made. None of use knew, so he tells us how they milk the snakes venom out of their fangs and inject a small amount of it into a horse. Apparently the horse’s immune system is a lot better than humans and given their large body mass, it was easier for them to produce antivenom for snake poison. Apparently from that point on, they just extract the antivenom from these horses. Rather neat!

Random Crap:

Iguana’s stubborn erection to get the chopMozart, an iguana with an erection that has lasted for over a week, will have his penis amputated in the next couple of days. Veterinarians at Antwerp’s Aquatopia had sought to treat the animal’s problem, but decided removal was the only solution because of the risk of infection. The good news for Mozart and his mates is that male iguanas have two penises. *shivers* I guess having a backup penis is always a good thing.

I have no idea why anyone would still use RapidShare given that 1 download/hr and the 2 minute wait before your download would start. There was a thread on Digg that introduced me to MediaFire and this new service really neat! The one I’ve been using for awhile now is It’s a nice way to share 1 file to a bunch of friends without wasting your own bandwidth. The only advantage I see MediaFire having over is the fact there is no file size limit. Tera and HJO3 both mentioned to me that there was a 100MB file size limit which I missed initially. However, as I responded to them, with a tool like WinRAR where I can break any file into chunks and with their simultaneous download feature, it’s become a non-problem. I’ll admit it’s a bit more hassle, but come on, it’s free. I forget if there was a wait for, but even if there was, it was rather short and I could have multiple downloads at fast speeds. MediaFire has the best of all worlds. They don’t have a file size limit, simultaneous downloads, and no wait time!

Microwave zaps germs on sponges, study findsTwo minutes in a microwave oven can sterilize most household sponges, U.S. researchers reported on Monday. A team of engineering researchers at the University of Florida found that two minutes of microwaving on full power killed or inactivated more than 99 percent of bacteria, viruses or parasites, as well as spores, on a kitchen sponge. 2 days later: Microwave experiments cause sponge disastersThey described how they soaked the sponges in wastewater and then zapped them. (Microwave zaps germs on sponges.) But several experimenters evidently left out the crucial step of wetting the sponge. “Just wanted you to know that your article on microwaving sponges and scrubbers aroused my interest. However, when I put my sponge/scrubber into the microwave, it caught fire, smoked up the house, ruined my microwave, and pissed me off,” one correspondent wrote in an e-mail to Reuters. Hahahaha. Unfortunately, I think Reuters/CNN is to be blamed here. If you read this article: Microwave ‘sterilisers’ warning (from The Consumerist), it clearly advises users to do the following (twice): The researchers said people should only try to microwave damp sponges. … He recommended microwaving damp not dry sponges to minimise the risk of fire and to only microwave non-metal scrubbing pads. However, in the condensed version posted on Reuters/CNN, there is no such advice posted anywhere.

Humvee Driving In Iraqi Traffic (from Derek) – This is a really cool video of a Humvee driving through Iraqi traffic. In order to avoid insurgent attacks they cant stop or slow down, even if that requires some improvised driving. As Derek says, this is the reason to own a Humvee.

Try a Free Sample of Gillette Fusion (from SD) – A new Walmart promotion allowing you to get free Gillette Fusion razor (with 5 blades). It also brought me back to StartSampling, a site I used to get a bunch of freebies from:

Samples Ordered

  • Games for Windows Magazine 01/24/07 04:49 AM
  • Swiffer Duster® Sample & Coupon 01/24/07 04:48 AM
  • Herbal Essences Intensive Blends 03/13/03 03:36 AM
  • $1 Off Lysol Products 11/15/02 06:56 PM
  • Razor Defense™ by Neutrogena MEN 10/03/02 03:35 AM
  • Musician Dana Mase: Free Album* 04/26/02 05:20 AM
  • BIC® PLUS™ Shaver – Men’s 03/05/02 06:48 PM
  • Nescafé Coffee 01/14/02 09:15 PM
  • Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash 04/18/01 12:19 PM
  • Twizzlers Twists 10/06/00 04:34 PM
  • 3D Movie Madness 09/22/00 05:29 PM
  • Cranberry Horseradish Coupon 09/18/00 04:27 PM
  • Sight Savers Lens Cleaners 09/03/00 11:14 PM
  • Airheads Candy 08/17/00 12:33 AM
  • Shout Wipes Stain Treater 07/17/00 05:27 PM
  • LifeSavers Wint O Green 07/15/00 05:11 PM
  • Slim Jim Snacks 06/21/00 07:02 PM

Boy’s screaming kills chickens, for crying out loudHundreds of chickens have been found dead in east China — and a court has ruled that the cause of death was the screaming of a four-year-old boy who in turn had been scared by a barking dog, state media reported on Wednesday. … A court ruled the boy’s screaming was “the only unexpected abnormal sound” and that 443 chickens trampled each other to death in fear.

I was watching the latest episode of 24 and was like OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Apparently Jack has more family! They first mentioned Jack’s father and I was like ooooh. Then they said he had a brother, and I was like OOOOOH. Then when they showed us who his brother was, I was like OH MY GOD! If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you MUST see it. Then they showed the brother’s wife and I was like is that who I think it is… no… is it really her? Apparently the actress playing the wife is the same actress that plays Nathan Petrelli’s wife from Heroes. Her name is Rena Sofer.

Japanese marine park captures rare shark on filmA species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is 600 meters (2,000 ft) or more under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park this week. … Frilled sharks, which feed on other sharks and sea creatures, are sometimes caught in the nets of trawlers but are rarely seen alive. Check out the the video. The shark is freaky!

Frozen Tidal Wave / Melting Glacier (from Digg) – really neat photos!

durex - happy father's day
Durex Condom Ad (from Squiffy’s House of Fun) – Happy Father’s Day.

Fast File Extension Change

I submitted a question to a MS newsgroup asking if there was a way to disable the prompt you get when you want to change a file extension for a file:

If you change a file name extension, the file may become unstable.

Are you sure you want to change it?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable that prompt in XP (though some people said it you might be able to disable it in Vista). I mean, I understand the reasoning for this prompt, but for advance use, this seems rather pointless, and when I want to change a bunch of file extensions, it gets annoying to have to close that prompt every time.

I got a few responses back and someone showed me the power of “rename” in the command prompt. I didn’t know that rename took in wildcards. Apparently you can type:
rename *.jpeg *.jpg and it’ll rename all your .jpeg files to .jpg without altering the base file name.

I decided to check how smart it really was and tried this earlier:
rename *.jpg orange_playdough_*.jpg, but apparently it wasn’t able to do what I wanted it to do. I just wanted to append the phrase orange_playdough_ in front of all the jpg files in this directory.

Someone suggested Lupas Rename and I decided to give it a try. So far, it’s pretty neat and does basically what I want it to do. You can insert phrases wherever you want, change file extensions, etc. It’s a pretty neat tool.

Someone also suggested a new Vista Renaming Powertoy, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

Random Crap:

Orange Playdough (from ChewyDenise) – I’ve seen this awhile back but it’s just too cool not to share it:
orange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdoughorange playdough

China arrests men for murdering “ghost” bridesChinese police have arrested three men for killing two young women to sell their corpses as “ghost brides” for dead single men, a Chinese newspaper reported, warning the dark custom might have claimed many other victims.

Money rains down in German townA lorry driver who won a contest “What would you do with 100,000 euros?” with the most original idea threw 75,000 euros ($96,810) in five-euro notes from an elevated crane to groups of people below, RPR1 radio spokesman Thomas Reiche said. Marco Hilgert, 49, kept the remaining 25,000 euros he won in the radio contest for the best idea — throw money out of a city hall window. But the first city hall in Mainz rejected the suggestion and the event was moved to Kaiserslautern. Really? That was the best/most original idea they could think of? I mean even The Simpsons and tons of movies have done similar things…

large fishlarge fish
A fish vendor inspects a fish of 2.4 metres long and 340 kilograms at a seafood market in Wenzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province January 23, 2007. The large fish was caught by a fisherman in the East China Sea. (from China Daily)

Desi woman catches husband cheating (from Digg) – Why some Indians need the Seminar urgently! Listen to this Indian man getting caught cheating on his wife, live on American radio. It’s hilarious, but there’s also a lesson to be learnt about being a better lover. It’s so funny!

Casino: $102,000 Jackpot A Mistake (from Digg) – An on-screen message told Wilkinson, by name, that he had won $102,000 in a power play jackpot. The woman next to him screamed with excitement. But Wilkinson’s six-figure payday was short-lived. Casino officials soon informed the retired carpenter that the message was sent in error. Ouch! I’d be pissed if I was Wilkinson too. I mean, to have a machine say you won $100k and have someone else tell you it’s a mistake…

Creative photos by Chema Madoz (from Digg) – Some really interesting photography. Has a very nice touch with the color and tones.

Disjoint Twins (from Digg) – All seemed so easy, until the customer service rep realized what Philip was trying to do: “I’m sorry sir, but we need a different birth date for each of your kids.” “Uhh, er,” Philip stuttered, rather puzzled, “they’re twins? They were both born on the seventh of May, so they actually do have the same birth date.” “Oh yes, I understand,” she said, “but our system cannot handle two people with the same last name born in the same month of the same year on the same plan.” Haha!!! He ended up picking birth dates which were a month apart, as if that was more possible than having twins ;p

Dilbert – The Knack (from MS newsgroup) – an animated short clip of young Dilbert and what is wrong with him. A really funny clip of how he has the case of “the knack”.

Coming out ahead when your ticket price drops (from The Consumerist) – Seattle times gives a good detail list of what you should do if the price of ticket drops. Many airlines offer vouchers for that amount minus a service fee which you can use to apply on a new ticket. So if the price of the ticket has fallen beyond the service fee charge, it will be worth it to exchange your current ticket for the lower priced one. I’ve always liked Southwest for this because they do not charge a service fee for this. I’ve happened to had to cancel certain flights (due to unexpected changes in which I had to delay my trip) and I can just refund my ticket and I would automatically get a credit of my entire fare which I can apply to any travel through them for a year. You can even do this after the fact, meaning if you didn’t take a flight, your flight confirmation number automatically becomes your credit confirmation number.

Bait and Switch

I submitted the following story to The Consumerist:

In the beginning of November 2006, CompUSA had a deal on Kasperksy Anti-Virus 6.0. It was on sale for $60 with 2 rebates. A $60 rebate and a $40 upgrade rebate. I’ve attached the product page (kaspersky csua product page.pdf), so you can see that it was clearly advertised as so. I’ve also attached both rebate forms (kaspersky cusa 60 rebate form.pdf and kaspersky cusa 40 rebate form.pdf). They even show you the calculation of how final price of the product will be -$40.00.

I’ve ordered it for in-store pickup and that transaction went through smoothly. Both rebates were also printed out at the register, to confirm that this was not a mistake and that there were indeed 2 rebates for this product. Many other people got on this deal too.

After picking up my order, I immediately filed for the 2 rebates. You can either mail the rebates in, or file the rebates online:

I did mines online because it was easier to keep track of and the fact was they can verify my order without having me send in any documentation since I can just punch in my order #. Both rebates were validated within a day or 2 and said it would be mailed in 10-12 weeks.

A couple weeks earlier, this thread on multiple deal forums started to have a lot of commotion:…php?catid=74&threadid=668741…php?catid=74&threadid=679164

Apparently, CompUSA had just removed the $40 rebate without warning, no email, no phone call, no letter, just POOF! The $60 rebate was still there and still valid. I actually already received the $60 rebate a week or 2 ago.

Many of us began to call and email CompUSA asking what happened to the $40 rebate and here was their response:

After reviewing your account we found that Offer #7000151 had a clause in it where it was not valid with any other offer. Our system incorrectly qualified you for Offer #7000158. We have fixed the error, and unfortunately, you do not qualify for the $40.00 rebate. You do, however, qualify for the $60.00 rebate, and should receive that within the next 30 days. We apologize for the confusion.

I emailed back:

The item I purchased was advertised with both rebates: $60 and $40. I’ve attached a printout of the product page from that features both rebates.

Current Rebate:
Regular Retail Price: $59.99
You Pay: $59.99 Price after instant rebates, if any -$40.00 Mfr. Upgd. Mail-In Rebate (Valid: 11/1/2006 – 12/31/2006) -$60.00 Mfr. Mail-in Rebate (Valid: 11/5/2006 – 11/11/2006) CompUSA Price: ($40.01) Price after instant & mail-in rebates

If the $40 rebate is not honored, this is essentially false advertising. I hope you seriously reconsider the rejection of this rebate. Thank you.

Their response:

CompUSA correctly advertised Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 software as Free, after rebate; however, a mistake was made when a secondary rebate by the manufacturer was added to the offer amount. Customers who purchased the software paid $59.99 and qualified for a $60 rebate; because Kaspersky was also offering a $40 upgrade rebate, both amounts were combined and advertised in error. Despite listing the offer as $100, customers were only entitled to receive the amount they actually paid and would not qualify for an additional $40 payment. Although both rebates were submitted, the $60 rebate form clearly stated it could not be combined with any other offer, which resulted in the correct rejection of the $40 rebate.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused; however, due to the fact that typographical errors in web based, email or other advertisements are subject to correction, as specified in our promotional disclaimers, terms and conditions, the request for additional payment cannot be honored.

My final response:

You’ve ALSO advertised that there were $100 in rebates and that after rebate it will be ($40.00) after instant and mail in rebates. I’ve attached a screenshot of the product page with the areas of interest circled in red. I also have a print out of the actual receipt that still shows that there are 2 rebates for this item that I purchased, totaling $100 in rebates. Given that there’s a discrepancy between the price you listed on the same page, the law states that the store must honor the lower of the 2 prices, which would be to honor both rebates in this case.

I implore you to reconsider the rejection of this rebate as it would ultimately constitute as fraud. I’ll be filing a case with the state attorney general and BBB if I do not hear a satisfactory response.

The fact is if it was a typographic error, CompUSA’s only option would have been to cancel our orders and call us to see if we still want to purchase it with one less rebate. However, our credit cards were charged and we got our product, and 2 months later, they claim they can no longer honor the original sale terms because it was a typographic error. This is considered bait and switch, where CompUSA offered something (product with 2 rebates) and switched it with something else (product with only 1 rebate). They’ve been found guilty in court of this type of practice in the past and are up to it again. I quote from someone on the thread:

Courts have ruled time and again that fine print listed in terms and conditions doesn’t nullify what is listed in Advertised LARGE PRINT.

I’ve just found this whole experience to be a big mess and can’t believe CompUSA would try to pull something like this again.

More and more junk

Sigh… My blog entries are queuing up faster than I can blog:

Your Drafts: Unknown, Open Season, The Queen, Blood Diamond, An Evening With Kevin Smith 2 – Evening Harder, The Corporation, Kanon, Poseidon, Hacking Democracy, Accepted, Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, 黑社會 (Election), DragonZakura, Superman Returns, L.A. Confidential, Cars, The Science of Sleep, The Departed, ゼロの使い魔, Sneakers, The Notebook, Little Miss Sunshine, The Triplets Of Belleville, Love Actually, Transamerica, Two for the Money, Thumbsucker, When Do We Eat, The Sentinel, Who Killed the Electric Car?, The Benchwarmers, Basic Instinct 2, Sympathy for Lady Venegance, Saving Electricity, Food Scarcity, xxxHOLiC, Blood+, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episodes, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Episodes 1 – 8, Temperature Scales, Black Cat, REC, Fate/stay night, Bleach Episode 71 – 83, Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Detective Academy Q Episodes 31 – 39, Dial Tone, Monster Episodes 66 – 74, Initial D Fourth Stage Episodes 21 – 24, 24 – Season Four, Full Metal Panic – The Second Raid Episodes 9-13, Naruto Episode 150 .

Every time I think of something or watch a movie, I just create a new draft post and enter the title and any little details I don’t want to forget. Then it just starts piling up. I’ve pretty much given up on posting a blog for each anime episode. If I feel like it, I’d have entries on certain episodes that really stood out, or I’d blog about once I complete the series.

Random Crap:

Mysterious samurai saves Police in UK (from Digg) – A samurai sword wielding vigilante has come to the rescue of two Police officers when they were attacked by an armed gang in South Shields, England. Could it be a Hiro wannabe? I’m curious what the guy dressed like, or if they just labeled him as “a samurai” because he was wielding a curved sword. Who knows if the sword was even curved…

h&r block refund Freudian slip
H&R Block’s Freudian Slip (from The Consumerist)

It’s estimated Americans overpaid their taxes by nearly a billion dollars.* Don’t be one of them. H&R Block will get you the maximum refund you’re entitled to, or your tax preparation is FREE. So every dollar you’ve earned is where it belongs. In our pocket.

It’s funny how much a difference a ‘y’ would make in this case.

Netflix offers streaming movies to subscribers

The new service will be rolled out gradually but should be available to all Netflix subscribers by July. The amount of video that can be watched on the PC varies depending on the subscription plan. Users with the $5.99 plan will get six hours of online viewing each month, while those with the more common $17.99 plans get 18 hours. The decision to offer this in terms of “hours” rather than “movies” could potentially frustrate customers who don’t want to wait until next month to see the second half of Casino Royale, but it does allow for stopping, starting, and switching films without developing some convoluted definition of what it means to “watch a film.”

The initial selection is fairly thin, with only 1,000 titles available (out of more than 70,000 available on DVD), but this was the same number of DVDs that Netflix launched with back in 1999. It’s probably just as well; Netflix has made clear that they want to roll out the new technology slowly to make sure that everything works correctly. As CEO Reed Hastings notes, this isn’t a market that is going to pay big dividends for a few years yet.

A rather interesting service. From the feedback I’ve read, the quality’s really good, almost as good as DVD quality, though I’d believe it when I see it. Then again, DVD quality is only 480p and I’ve been spoiled with 720p and 1080p content recently. I’d like to see how far this goes and how big it can become. Maybe I’ll cave and get a Netflix subscription.

Male panda said too fat to have sexChuang Chuang the Panda is just too heavy to have sex. Thai authorities have put him on a strict diet as part of a long-running campaign to get him to mate with female partner Lin Hui at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand. Haha.

Are You Gonna Do It? (from Digg) – “I’ll just walk into Steve’s office, pull down my pants, and urinate on his desk. What could he say to that? It’s guaranteed to work.” We laughed, thinking that not even Burrell would have the guts to do that. … “Are you gonna do it? Are you really gonna do it?”, asked Steve. Somehow, word about the urination threat had gotten back to Steve, and he was genuinely curious if Burrell would go through with it or not. I was disappointed he didn’t do it.

My Kids Are Perverted (NSFW) (from Tera) – Hilarious story of what the kids keep asking this teacher. Since it’s not safe for work, you’ll have to click the show button. (Show)

Jeep® Waterfall (from Digg) – From Detroit to Beijing, the Jeep Waterfall has mesmerized auto showgoers from across the globe. Tune in to discover how this H20 wonder works. Amazing piece of engineering. Apparently you can drive this waterfall/rainfall as if it was an inkjet printer. Rather interesting.

Boy, 9, sneaks on to plane (from The Consumerist) – Police in Lakewood, Washington, say the boy (Semaj Booker) has a history of stealing cars and running away from home. He was apparently trying to get to Dallas, where his grandfather lives, and where the boy himself used to live. But he came up short, only getting as far as San Antonio after hopping two separate flights. Police say he apparently found a Southwest Airlines boarding card and made it through airport security. I really wonder if airport security really exists, or is it just their to inconvenience people like us.

Porsche – Double Take (from Derek) – An interesting ad, but it does show where a car’s *cough* is.

Life Lessons (from SD) – A bunch of figurines being sold by TLC with rather funny sayings. Like #20 If you want to get rid of a guy,tell him you love him. Or #58 – Never introduce her as “my future ex.”

Punchy! (from RayAlome) – It’s all fun and games until someone gets punched in the face. And then it’s even more fun! Funny skit where some guy can’t control punching people in the face.

The Towel Trick fixes 360’s? (from MS newsgroup) – Everyone’s dreaded the red circle that appears on your Xbox 360 to notify you it’s broken. Recently, there’s been a spread of the “towel trick” and apparently many people who’ve gotten the red circle of death are claiming it fixes their Xbox 360. What you do is wrap your Xbox 360 completely in a towel (basically enclosing the whole thing) and turn it on and wait 10-15 minutes. At this time, your Xbox 360 will get really hot, and I mean REALLY HOT. Turn it off and turn it back on and your machine might magically work. No one really knows why this is fixing their Xbox 360s, but CDMCC suggests that it might have to do with the soldering problem.

College Saga – Episode 1 (from Cari) – Once upon a time, when Earth was still a beautiful place, an evil force came to turn all living things into Vegetarians. Three students from suburban Massachusetts would step up against this catastrophe… to end Vegetarian Supremacy. Mark, Jesús, Maria and their foes would make amazing personal discoveries as the two forces clash. And so began the ultimate saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions. A hilarious skit done by a group of college students, where they go through college as if it was a RPG game.

Kanon – Sayuri’s Story

This clip was taken from Kanon (2006) episode 14. Baby Sayuri is so cute and she has a very cute little brother too! Yet the story becomes so sad… *sniff*

Large version:
Kanon - Sayuri's Story (large)

Small version:
Kanon's - Sayuri's Story (small)

Random Crap:

Sessions with R. Tam (from Digg) – an excerpt from the Firefly series. Appears to be sessions held with River Tam during their experimentation. Comments claim that the interviewer is Josh Whedon.

Terry Tate Compilation (from FuzzyWuzzy) – just a bunch of painful scenes. this is what happens when you don’t have office etiquette.

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman (from Digg) – Remember those series back when you were kids. I remember having tons of post-its to remember how to trace back so I don’t have to start all over again when I get a bad ending. They’re giving away this one for free and apparently works on your iPod and even has colored pictures. I haven’t given it a try yet, but seems interesting.

China: Teahouse is threat to morality– A Shanghai tea house whose name translates roughly as “Frog Keeps a Mistress” has been deemed a threat to public morality and told to get a new moniker, local media said Friday. The “Qingwa Bao Ernai” shop was violating China’s advertising law, the Shanghai Daily and other newspapers said, citing a local commercial bureau official, Xu Jun. Article wasn’t that interesting. It took me awhile to figure out how Qingwa Bao Ernai = Frog Keeps a Mistress. Turns out to be 青蛙保二奶.

Real-time quotes for free (from Digg) – Apparently you’ll soon be able to get real time stock quotes from Google Finance.

Starcraft in 3D! (from Digg) – I first heard about Project Revolution a couple years ago. At the time, I remember thinking there was no way it would ever get off the ground once Blizzard got wind of a Warcraft III total conversion to recreate Starcraft in 3D. Well, here we are a few years later and it appears the folks over at Snowflake Entertainment have made some real progress. Check out the video.

Simple Workaround for Ctrl Print Screen (from Helldesk) – hilarious video of a guy apparently trying to print a screenshot, but the printer messes with him. He takes his frustrations out on his computer and on the copy machine and attempts to photocopy his monitor screen, even though the monitor is probably no longer connected to his computer.

Optical illusion in 3D:
optical illusion in 3d

Whenever I see these things, I try to imagine how it would appear if I look at it from the side, but my mind just won’t work that way. You can see similar objects at Impossible figures in the real world and Impossible Objects in Real Life no.2.

Why do we open our mouths to yawn properly? (from Digg) – The involuntary act of yawning usually includes opening the mouth very wide while slowly taking in a deep breath. This contortion of the mouth puts pressure on the salivary glands causing the eyes to sometimes tear-up, causes the throat to better open, and tightens the muscles around the mouth making sure the yawn is better accomplished. Couple other interesting questions answered include: Why do some people have three nipples?, Is it true that a woman’s breasts can grow enormously overnight?, and Why is it absolutely impossible to sneeze with your eyes open?.

Ex-Playmate Reveals Playboy Mansion Secrets (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) (from Digg) – Now, for the first time ever, one of those blonde beauties has done the unspeakable. She has broken the mansion’s revered code of silence. Jill Ann Spaulding, a stunning professional poker player with all the obvious attributes that one might find inside Hef’s stable of potential Playmates, has written a tell-all book entitled, “Jill Ann: Upstairs.” Ever wonder what the life of Hugh Hefner is like? or even one of the bunnies that live in the Playboy mansion? Well, this little interview gives some insight, though it’s hard to tell how much of what she says is the truth.

Bash Quote #207373 (from Tera) –

<anamexis> oh man
<anamexis> I was opening a coke, right
–> Beefpile ( has joined #themacmind
<anamexis> and it exploded
<anamexis> ALMOST all over my keyboard
<anamexis> but I got it away just in time
<– Beefpile has quit (sick fuckers)
<anamexis> :<

Stationary biker rests after record bidGeorge Hood didn’t go to Disney World after riding a stationary bike for an apparent record of 85 hours. He checked into a hospital. After two days of recovery and lots of fluids and sleep, the 49-year-old Aurora man pronounced himself almost back to normal Monday as he described his bid, still awaiting certification, for a place in the Guinness World Records book.

Victoria Harbour – Hong Kong at different hours of day and night (from Digg) – the images are rather pretty.

A PC that you can install in your WALL! (from Derek) – It’s called Jack PC, and it can fit into a network wall port. Just plug your keyboard, mouse and monitor into the wall. The Jack PC runs Windows CE and it’s equipped with an equivalent of a 800MHz to 1.2GHz x86 desktop processor. pretty neat!

Breast boosting beer sells like hot cakesThe millet-based ale called Boza allegedly makes women’s breasts bigger, but was previously expensive. Now thousands of tourists are travelling to the Bulgarian border town of Ruse to buy Boza for their wives and partners. Haha!

The Greatest Martial Arts Moments – The Crippled Masters (from Digg) – I was going through this kung fu moments. Some were decent, some were eh, but then I saw this one. One guy has no legs and the other guy has no arms. It’s curtains for any all-limbed sucka in the room when they join forces to create an unstoppable two-armed and two-legged punching and kicking machine. Keep this scene in mind the next time you’re going to pick a fight with the handi-capable guy at the bar. It was rather disturbing…

Street Fighter: The Later Years – Part 3 (from RayAlome/DeadLock) – not sure why I forgot to post this when RayAlome showed it to me the 1st time. Must’ve not entered the queue of links to be posted. Anyway, the 3rd part is available for viewing now. Introduces Vega, E. Honda, and Blanka!