well friends, Picture of the Week is finally updated and i didn’t choose one of the beautiful ensenada pictures which i took many of. what i ended up with was something hilarious i noticed while shopping. i think you’ll enjoy it, especially my enemies!

announcement: i have been de-carred
dad didn’t like my style of driving and claim he needs to retrain me, so i’ll be w/o a car till i pass his standard. grrrr.

recently obtained Pink – Missundaztood album and some songs are there are actually really good and i really like it. if you haven’t heard the songs “Don’t Let Me Get Me”; “Just Like A Pill”; “Get This Party Started”, you’ve missed out. ^_^x

Grandma’s Back

grandma’s back from hongkong! w00h00! went to pick her up @ the airport today.

comments for ensenada have been completed. enjoy ^_^x. for those that didn’t get a chance to d/l the movies, feel free to goto Old News -> June ’02 and it should listed on 06.24.2002.

i should be getting the Pic of the Week up very soon. hopefully by tomorrow. sorry for the lack of updates.


wow, what a day! been helping dad wash the carpet and stain our wooden plank floors. the can of protective layering had a good smell. some type of alcohol i presume. at first, i sorta got high. then i just got dizzy ~_~. no good. at the end, those stuff were like super-glue. there’s no way you can get it off your hand. i’ve tried water+soap, rubbing alcohol, and even W-40 wasn’t able to do the job. ended up with continuous rubbing and scrubbing and biting it like when i get super-glue on my hand.

Tomorrow’s Father’s Day, so for all those who are father’s out there:

Updated the Picture of the Week. Funny one i must say and i enjoyed it a lot. hehe. i wonder what the subjects of the pictures think about it. hehe ;p

USPS Priority Mail Online Postage

I miss my T3 connection ;(. Although it was slow to outside connections, it was amazingly fast between edu connections and movies within 15mins! Anime took me 4mins before. Now they take me half an hour. *sniff*.

Anyway, nothing much happened to me today. I just found out something great about USPS. They now allow you to buy postage for Priority Mail online! So all you need to do now, is print and drop off. NO MORE WAITING IN LINE @ the post office! Isn’t that awesomely cool!?!?!

I’ve fixed some problems with the links page. If there’s any more problems, please email me. Thanks!

Welp, back to watching Hikaru no Go. New episodes are coming out! ^_^x


FINALLY! My site is ready. After spending a week learning php, implementing the menu system, and converting my my old logs into the new format. whew! I’m so sorry about delaying the update so much. Everything should be up and running. If you find any errors, please email me.

Thanks to my brother for providing an awesome flash series:
Ninjai 1 | Ninjai 2 | Ninjai 3 | Ninjai 4 | Ninjai 5

My summer’s starting to right layout before my eyes. My work is requiring a lot of my time. The company is moving to a new building and harrybons and I have to setup the network and make sure it’s running perfectly before they move over. It’s really not hard work and stuff we really know how to do well.

Home’s been fun so far. Haven’t seen any friends yet tho. Hope there’ll be a gathering soon. ^_^x

Learning PHP

just got back from san francisco on sunday nite and still unpacking. it was a great week besides that i didn’t have much internet access. the site will not resume normal progress until probably friday or this weekend because while i was staying @ SF, i’ve learnt or began learning php thanks to cunndogg. this is going to make my life so much easier. u see that menu on the left, i can no program that once and it’ll automatically know what to highlight, what to extend depending on the link you clicked. php IS SO POWERFUL!!!

also, when i got home, i found a motherboard sitting on my desk. I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING FROM THAT AMD & NVIDIA sweepstakes. w00h00! check out the 2nd place winner list for my name ^_^x

I’d be happy to announce the 2nd wave of pictures (last of dorm & dave’s bday) are up and ready to be viewed and laughed at (or enjoyed if that’s what you do). hehe. Enjoy and have a great summer and i’ll probably be back up and running on friday. I start working on Wednesday ^_^x

Peak of Project Mischief

My own domain is finally up! w00h00!!! It might be a bit slow, but what else can you expect to get out of less than $4/year. I won’t be updating much in the next few days due to finals.The following items do not work: Old News; #calnime; Picture of the Week. You can still accessthe old stuff @ OCF. Wow, I just realizehow much more I can do when I own my own domain: scripts, programs, possibilities are justlimitless. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

I’d be glad to announce the peak of Project Mischief was a great success. Phase II is completed and Phase III is just the cool down period. I can’t believe I hit 30GB in one day. Total for this week was 110GB.

Welp, wish me luck guys, and I won’t be back till probably after finals. I mean this site won’t probably be updated till I return home for summer. ^_^x

Free Will

guess what!!! My kenshin dvds finally arrived. W00h00!!! I’m so happy. Me so happy. I’m so happy! ALSO: Didn’t have much idea so for the Pic of the Week, so I asked my friend liam to help me out. You should go check it out.

What is Free Will?
Recently my suitemates were debating if human’s have free will. The debate went somewhere along the lines of this:
Cunndogg: free will is basically our choices.
Liam: our decisions are altered depending on the environment and the past, therefore it’s not free will since factors can affect our decision.
Cunndogg: the fact he chose means it was free will. He could’ve chosen either one, and having that choice and making a decision equals to free will.
Liam: you don’t make a choice based on nothing. Like one day you decide you wanted to research on your religion that your parents had, you don’t just randomly do it, there must’ve been factors that affected you to make the decision. Say that Sam wants to learn more about his jewish background. Why? Probably because he was shown how rich the jewish culture was one day and that excited him. He wouldn’t go studying some other religion for no reason.
Cunndogg: the fact that he had a choice of researching and not to research is free will. He has the choice of going to study any religion he wants to, but factors just made it more likely that he’ll study jew because he was part jewish.
Liam: that’s the point I’m trying to make. Because he was part jewish and maybe he recently discovered more about his jewish background, he felt more inclined to study it which means it was not free will.
Cunndogg: I get what you’re saying, but I guess it all comes down to:

What is Free Will?

My psych teacher gave me this quote:
Transcend the past.
Transform the present.
Make the future.

I’ll go into further details tomorrow.

Mechy Magnet Effect

common guys, I need some feedback. So far only one person has voted. Gimme your luv!!! Hehe. Anyways, links are working now in the beta interface.

Today I witness the first Mechy Magnet Effect. As I was walking home from class, I bumped into mechy. It was like a natural phenomenon!!! All the times before, I was just exaggerating a rumor, but today I can tell that everything I’ve said was not an exaggeration. As I was saying, I bumped into mechy. Next to him was a girl on each side and they were pretty good looking. They were chatting and I just stood there laughing inside and smiling outside. Mechy noticed me and came up and asked what was so funny. I said ‘oh, nothing.’ So we walked back home together. The girls kept on following us, but didn’t talk to mechy along the entire route so I thought, maybe I was wrong…, we were @ the intersection where we usually bid farewell, and the moment I walked away from mechy, the 2 girls resumed their talking with him. I couldn’t stop my self from having this big grin. Inside of me and I was rolling on the floor laughing outloud. And I thought to myself, “the rumor’s actually true!!!” There you go, the Mechy Magnet Effect experienced first hand by me.

There was a 2nd drama today, but pardon me for not revealing any names. Let’s just call them Pika and Potamus (the 2 stuff animals I have with me right now. I missed my others so much!!!) Pika is the mischievous one. Pika would go around and fool with other people’s stuff and just likes to be mischievous. Well, Pika today did a very bad bad thing. Pika stole Potamus’ cellfone. Not wanting to end up in jail, pika comes up with a genius plan, but required help from me. Of course since Pika was my friend, I couldn’t say no and was glad to help. After stealing the cellfone, the cellfone kept ringing (pika’s guessing potamus is looking for the cellfone) and quickly implements his plan. I answered the cellfone and it was potamus. Potamus recalls bringing the cellfone with him, but I made a lie and said: really? It’s always been here. Since potamus just woke up, he didn’t seem too sure anymore, so everything is no back to normal. But since the truth has been revealed now, pika’s going to hate me and potamus will torture me until I reveal who pika is. But who knows what will happen…. Hehe ^_^x

Currently 5:10am and I have an appointment @ 9:30 tomorrow. So adios! ^_^zzz Oh yeah, liam’s been bothering about picture of the week, so I found one that I think is worthy to make into the hall of fame. Enjoy ^_^x

Supply of Straws

I got a present today! w00h00! Thanks to carii, my supply of straws for me to chew on has been replenished. It also came with cute looking ribbon. Thank you!!!

I really hate it when someone makes fun of me in my back, especially when I’m in hearing distance. Last Thursday (boat dance nite), I was eating dinner by myself because everyone was going to the boat dance. There was a group of boys behind me that were chatting. I was eating my way and they were eating their way, but suddenly I heard them say, “You know, some people were just meant to be loners. Take for example, that guy over their with the tail. He might think that his tail looks great but see how he has no friends…” At the moment, I wanted to go over there and just.. just.. well do something, argue, hit, whatever that guy. But I didn’t have a good argument to present, plus I had no proof. So I quietly left. Last nite on Simpsons, I heard the best quote that released all this frustration:

Politician: What are you wearing? I’ve seen better chains on tires.
Mr. T: I pity the foo’ who criticizes others’ fashion to boost his self-esteem.
Politician: I hate my life.

I can just imagine myself going up there and saying that ;p It would’ve been so great.

Beta Interface has been updated. The only links that don’t work right now are Links and the sublinks of Old News. Enjoy. Please vote! ^_^x