Beta Interface

it’s 5:20am in the morning and I just finished helping boby bear with his cs project. What have I been doing tonite. Lemme see… well, besides sleeping, I was working on a beta interface for my website.

Today was just one of those days where you weren’t given enough time to complete what you’ve set forth to do because of interferences. I was hoping to accomplish a lot more with my new interface, but I guess that’s life.

Spoke with a very special friend linders today whom I haven’t spoke to in ages. Glad to know that people are still around and alive (hehe).

Free Yahoo! Mail through POP3

just a normal weekend today. Sleeping when the sun rises and waking when the sun sets. Some genius found a glitch on the Yahoo! mail servers (thanks to groundzero for point it out to me). Here is the link if you still want to use Yahoo! email. Their smtp servers (the server you use to send out) don’t work, but you can easily change that to your own isp’s smtp server or be like me and switch to a different service.

Last nite, liam and I were discussing how it’s fun to just randomly chat with people’s computer with them either being away or asleep drooling on their keyboard. He was drunk (okay not drunk, tipsy. Why do you even care if I’m politically correct?) yesterday and randomly chatted with this anonymous girl and had this big philosophical speech. The girl came back later, but that’s not the point. I recall the meeshell monster doing this many times late @ nite and I’ll wake up and have these awesome msgs to read (yes, I used to sleep like a normal human being, but I’m practicing to become an EECS major. I’ve got the nocturnal business down. Now I need to learn how to shower once a week or less) Well, here’s a little demonstration on how talking to computers can be so fun: click here. (btw, don’t get any weird ideas about the content. It was merely a demonstration! *hik*)

New links are up: added bapsfrick (my ex-best friend – sounds like my ex-boyfriend huh? Well technically that’s true. He was a boy and he was a friend, lol) and my sister’s site up. Go check it out.

AHHHHHH! Don’t you hate when you get something working, the other part that was working before stopped!?!?! Hmmm, this actually applies to 2 things that happened to me today now that I think about it. First it was my CS project (just realized how my troubles today could relate to it). Remember the CS project I ditched last Friday, well, I had to do it today. Procrastination will only find it’s way back to haunt you even more. Was working on my CS Project writing Logo in Scheme. Everything went well. Got stuck for the longest time on one problem. Finally got it to work and then realized several of our codes in the beginning no longer worked. AHHHH! Too much data abstraction. Hopefully the part that was due on Monday wasn’t affected. As for the 2nd thing, it was my surprise. That you’ll haveta wait. Can’t ruin it now. Hehe. ^_^x

prince of tennis - eiji - nanjaro hoi hoi

Was watching Prince of Tennis today, and saw this flash. The word Kenshin caught my attention and I decided to post it up. Nothing really special. Anime’s really good, but I can’t wait for more Hikaru no Go!!! Sigh…

Guess I spoke too early. I do have the surprise up and ready for display. If you haven’t noticed already, my new url is: I’ll be moving the site soon to a real host instead of forwarding it to my OCF Berkeley account. My email has also changed to Update your email address books. ^_^x


picture of the week has been FINALLY updated. It’s more of a humorous shot instead of a beautiful shot. Others can also say it’s a frightening shot, but I believe most of you will find it humorous. Hehe ^_^x

Nothing much happened today, but would you believe this: my suitemate lost his notebook this morning with all the notes he took from the book: the Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. He thought, that’s okay, I’ve already implemented a majority of what I have into my essay. Tonight he returns and discovers that the diskette failed on him. A true tragedy and if that happened to me, it would’ve been one of the worst days in my life. Hope everything works out for him. @ times like this, I’d heed to Jason Lee’s advice: BUSHITSU!!!

Babies are not dumb smaller versions of adults

don’t think I’ll be posting a pic of the week for this week. Been too busy with midterms. Have 2 tomorrow (Thursday – physics and math). Wish me luck! ^_^x (and yes, I’m actually studying now)

“Babies are not dumb smaller versions of adults. They are quite intelligent infact.” – pscyh teacher.

Uploaded 2 new sets of pictures to DotPhoto (click on photo album) on the right. I found out how fun comments can be. There’s currently 3 stories: Ralph’s Visit, Christina Yeung’s Visit, and Beach Trip. Open the album and click the 1st picture and click next for the next slide. More stories will follow, but it’s 3am and I have a MT in 5 hrs so needta sleep. Enjoy & G’nite ^_^zzz

Ditched? Nah… Missed!

really weird day today. Missed 4 of my classes. Well, not missed, more like ditching, but to help my conscious feel better, I like to think as missed or ran outta time. Doing what? No one really knows. Wish those little mouse running my brain would tell me sometimes. Hehe.

For those that haven’t noticed, my dotphoto album has been updated with: Newport Visit. You should chk out damion’s little brother. He’s so cuuuuuute! Newport is so nice, therefore I’ve taken one of the pictures as my Picture of the Week. I hope you’ll like it.

Got a surprised package today in the mail. Didn’t expect it to be this big when I called in for my free bottle of cologne. Hehe, oh well, the bigger the better. ^_^x

Truth Calvin Klein
eau de toilette spray
1.7 FL OZ 50 ml

calvin klein - truth cologne