So now onto the animation I wanted to share: VOiCE (Download):

I quote Sankaku Complex:

Plenty of (presumable) professionals seem willing to turn their hands to animating MADs of late; the latest is VOiCE, the tale of a girl (who would appear to be an infant Miku) and her robot, in a war-torn land…

This animation was very beautifully done and the ending is just so sad, I felt a tear starting to form.

I previously posted a 3DCG Nendroid Vocaloids animation (blog post). Very cute if you haven’t seen it before. That post will also talk about Vocaloids and Miku if you’ve never heard of them.

Update: I’ve also ripped the mp3 if you want just the music: Download VOiCE Music

Cute Cat Animation – Sequel

Thanks to Hjo3 for telling me a new cat animation is available:

Hey, BTW, a sequel was just posted yesterday.

Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’
Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.

If you miss the original cat animation, check it out here: Cute Cat Animation

I also wanted to point out the fact that if you append &fmt=18 to the back of a YouTube URL, you’ll get higher quality video. According to RayAlome, the 2 settings for the fmt tag are &fmt=6 and &fmt=18, increasing the quality and resolution. You can find out more information about these flags at: Higher Resolution Videos on YouTube and YouTube Tests Higher Resolution Videos.

Video Resolution: 320×240
Audio Sample Rate: 22050 Hz

Video Resolution: 448×336 (higher encoding)
Audio Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Video/Audio Format: MP4 (H264 with AAC audio)
Video Resolution: 480×360

Cute Cat Animation

Was going to post about some cool new tablet applications I found, but that’ll have to wait.

I forget where I got this video from (probably Digg), but Apparently I got this link from Hjo3. I sent it to a few friends earlier and this has been sitting in the queue, waiting to be posted. Since Tekman and Angel-grrl are getting a new cat, I thought it was an appropriate time to post it:

Wake up Cat
Wake up Cat

‘Wake Up Cat’ is by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called ‘Cat Man Do’. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films.

After you watch this, you’ll realize why cats are evil.

Persepolis – Review

Persepolis So I watched Persepolis (HD Trailers) this weekend and I’ve just got to say the movie was amazingly well done. Persepolis is an animated motion picture which is done mostly in black and white. There are moments in color, which represent the present. On the other hand, moments in black and white, represent the past.

Persepolis originally was a graphic novel done by Marjane Satrapi, the main character of the graphic novel and the movie. If you’re interested in the graphic novel, it’s available on Amazon.com. In a sentence, the story follows a little girl named Marjane Satrapi as she grows up experiencing both Iran’s revolution and the war with Iraq.

Continue reading the review…

Killer Bean Forever

If you haven’t heard of Killer Bean, then you missed out on one of the coolest CG animations I’ve see when I was back in college. I still even have a copy of the animation on my computer. However, you can check it out on YouTube: The Killer Bean 2.1 (Digitally Remastered)

This amusing 7-minute animated short film, Killer Bean 2, was made by Jeffrey Lew back in 2000. He spent more than three years making it alone, on his own computer.
Since then, Jeff has moved on, and is now animating for bigger movies. He was the lead animator for the movie Matrix Reloaded, and also did a great job on other movies, such as X-Men and Kung Pow.

This enhanced version of Killer Bean 2, namely KB 2.1, has better video quality (tho I guess it’s hard to notice when watching through YouTube), and DoF (depth-of-Field) effects have been added. The rest of the movie is essentially the same as before.

Before KB2 begins, there is an advertisement, so be patient for it to finish (or just skip it), and enjoy Killer Bean 2, the way it was meant to be enjoyed – Digitally Remastered!

Say whatever you want, but I think this movie is just incredibly well made, and very funny.

For more info on Jeff Lew and the Killer Bean, check out these sites:

Turns out Jeff Lew, the animator of Killer Bean is planning to create a whole feature film based on the Killer Bean character: Killer Bean Forever

For the past 4 years, I’ve been working at home creating an 85 minute animated CG movie. I was formerly the lead animator for Matrix Reloaded, and this is the trailer to my feature film directorial debut.

The story continues where the the original left off. Killer Bean is being hunted by the police for killing all the beans at the party. I’m already looking forward to seeing this.

The Ten Commandments…?

The Yahoo! New Movie Trailers RSS feed brought to my attention a new movie called The Ten Commandments. I don’t typically watch Yahoo! movie trailers which aren’t in HD, since the quality is usually pretty bad. Basically similar to YouTube quality. Anyway, reading the movie description, it sounded like another movie about Moses, and since I was a big fan of Prince of Egypt (it’s still probably one of my all time favorite animations), I decided to check it out.

However, I was very disappointed. They decided to make it a 3D animation and it was so bad, that I can easily say the Prince of Egypt animation was 10x better. The characters felt really fake and the expressions were horrible.

You can watched The Ten Commandments trailer and then compare it to the 1999’s Prince of Egypt trailer.