Bloglines Alternatives

I’ve been using Bloglines for the past year or so as my rss aggregator, but recently it’s been a lot flakier than usual. So when it stopped updating feeds this past Wednesday and their forums were down again, I decided to scope out some different readers. I found the following list somewhere:

I heard some good things about NewsGator in the Bloglines forums some time back when Bloglines first started having problems. They mentioned it was quite easy to switch and that I can just export my feeds from Bloglines as an OPML file and import them into NewsGator. I gave that a shot and it worked fine. So the past few days, I’ve been playing with NewsGator and there are quite a few things I miss from Bloglines.

My biggest pet peeve of NewsGator is that it’s extremely slow and unresponsive. It takes like 5-10 seconds to load a folder, while it was extremely fast and snappy in Bloglines. Another feature that Bloglines has are keyboard shortcuts. After a few days of using NewsGator, I have to say I’m not a satisfied customer.

The one thing good about NewsGator is that it updates the feeds a lot more frequently than Bloglines. Things may take up to half a day to show up on Bloglines, but new posts generally show up within the hour on Newsgator.

They also have a client version, but I would rather not have to install an RSS aggregator client on all the machines I use.

I know a few friends who use Google Reader. Maybe I’ll give that a try. What do you guys suggest?