Music from The Inner Life of a Cell

If you’re looking for the mp3, please see this entry. The mp3 I have is scattered with the phrase “massive productions”, but if you’re okay with that, you can download the mp3 there.

So I’ve been trying to find out what the music from The Inner Life of a Cell (sometimes referred to as The Inner Life of the Cell). I’ve been searching online with queries involving soundtrack, music, audio, background, but with not much luck.

However, I did find the lead animator John Liebler (who goes by the alias Manfrog on these forums). I sent him a PM and left a message on the thread: Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell and here’s his response:

Hi Krunk!

Thanks! The music was composed, performed and recorded by Matt Berky. His company is called Massive Productions. Check him out at:

He does most of the sound work for XVIVO. He always does an amazing job!

You can also visit John Liebler’s homepage:

Visiting Massive Productions, I find that the piece used in the video has already won an award with that animation:

Massive Productions Wins 2006 Telly Award
Judging has been completed for the 27th Annual Telly Awards competition and Massive Productions was selected by the judges to receive a 2006 Telly Award for Best Music Composition for a Non-Broadcast Film or Video. The piece of music was written for a three minute medical animation produced by Harvard Bio-Science. The 27th Telly Awards Competition received over 12,000 entries from the finest ad agencies, production companies and corporations in the world. It is a tremendeous achievment to be selected for recognition.
Below is a short segment of the award-winning piece…

Download: Harvard.mp3

Unfortunately, it’s just a 48 second segment, but still good nonetheless. They don’t seem to be selling the music unfortunately. I’ve sent them an email and hopefully I’ll hear good news.

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  1. Have you heard back from them yet? I’ve been reduced to playing the video over and over again when what I really need is just the music.

  2. Yeah saw the animation which I loved as I am a biologist myself. Though the music rocks in a very big way if you have any luck in tracking the full track please let me know.

  3. Several people have asked me if I heard back for the artist. Good news is that I have and I did get a copy of his full length work. Bad news is I don’t know if I have permission to redistribute it, so I won’t be posting it on my blog.

    The artist also scattered his company name (Massive Productions) throughout the track which is a bit annoying, but since I got this for free and out of the kindness of his heart, there’s really nothing I could complain about.

    //krunk (^_^x)

  4. Hello there. I would like a piece of the full length even scattered with the writer and players’name. I would be glad to know their names,haha. Would you please, Krunk, send a copy to my gmail which I posted up here?Thanks!

  5. Ladies and gents… I give you: Music From The Inner Life Of A Cell – Original Soundtrack 😉


    Big thanks to broodsphilosophy!!!

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