sorry about no update yesterday as I’m sure many of u were disappointed. Hmmmm, what did I do last night. Oh yeah! If you noticed, I’ve been offline for (let’s see, 6am to 6pm) a bit over 12 hrs. Been awhile since I did that. Had to defragment and benchmark my hds. Getting a new IDE/RAID controller in the next few days and need to test to see if I should swap my hds over to the new controller. (am I getting too technical here for u guys)

The long awaited monthly subscription of michelle’s life arrived yesterday. Yay!!!
As for March 3rd, it’s RANDY’S BDAY!!!

This really sucks, I had something in mind I was going to tell you guys and was planning to say it since yesterday, but never had a chance to type it up and now I can’t remember!!! This happens to me a LOT! Sigh… maybe I’ll remember it later.

I’ve updated my Links page. The pictures should be nicer and added 2 more friend’s page to it. If u want your page linked, feel free to email me. Contact information is on the top of this page.

After talking to liam for awhile, the stuff I wanted to talk about finally came back to me. Actually 2 things came back to me. #1 was if anyone watched cartoons during their junior high or late elementary school, they’ve gotta remember Teknoman! Awesome series and I just d/led episode 1-38 last nite. Quality is eh, but sure brings back memories. Watched the first episode with Liam last nite. 2nd thing was that u know those nail clippers which comes with mini swords and u take them and let your stuff animals fight with? I finally knew how to use them! I’ve known them to be can openers but all I did before was punch holes into the can and pour it out. (if u didn’t know, I’m talking about that hook sword). It’s really cool cause I opened the enter can lid of a can of tomato soup yesterday.

Well back to anime time ^_^x

Hikaru no Go

as u may have noticed, I haven’t been saying anything of substance lately. But I’ve been getting huge response from posting 2 threads on my favorite 2 forums. Well, one favorite, the other is just a regular source. (u can find them on the left under Hot Deals) I reached a record high of 84 unique visitors in 1 day and this is just one small dinky website. Sorry I wasn’t able to provide any useful substance to anyone.

Today Pikachu and I decided to watch anime and while we were watching Hikaru no Go (english summary), I thought our pose was very cute. Hikaru no Go is an awesome anime I just got into. There are currently 15 episodes out (first released by soldats, now by elite-fansubs). Here’s some pix (pic1 pic2) from the latest episode. Sai’s (the guy with the tall hat, long hair, and white suit) my favorite character! He’s so ~KAWAII~. Hey! Green looks good on this purple background! Thought it was going to blend in like the red above. I’m also providing the mp3s to the opening and closing theme, respectively. They’re also addicting ;p.

I just realized that yesterday wasn’t Sunday. Lol. Posted the answer on the wrong day. Oh well, moved it up here so not to confuse others. Went to sleep again at 7am and woke up at 5pm. Just loved the weekends. ^_^x

As for the riddle, the correct ages of the 3 granddaughters are 2, 2, 9. Here’s why:

you have to assume old man #2 knows the house number
he tries every combination to get 3 numbers to add up to the street number and the multiply to be 36
if you find all the combinations of 3 numbers to equal 36, you find that the sum of all the combinations are different besides 2,2,9 and 1,6,6 which adds up to 13.
the only reason why old man #2 asked if old man #1 forgot to tell him something was because apparently it landed on one of those 2 combinations, or else knowing the street number and 36, he would’ve been able to guess what the 3 ages the 3 granddaughters were.
by telling him that his oldest granddaughter has blue eyes literally means he only has one oldest age granddaughter.
so the answer is 2,2,9

Good news to computer maniacs that live near me @ home! Fry’s has finally opened a store in City of Industry. Supposedly only a 5 minute drive from my house. Many of you may have had bad experiences with Fry’s, but this store is new meaning… the stuff they have aren’t repackaged refunded items!!! W00h00!! ^_^x