Grandma Getting Baptized

welp, how was everyone’s Christmas? spent most of my day @ the church because my grandmother was getting baptized. took a lot of pictures, but then all turned sour when my digicam says: No Image Found. the stupid SD Card (secure digital – a type of flash memory) still says 97megs used / 20megs free (it’s a 128mb SD card). just ordered another dazzle 6-in-1 reader from dell and hopefully it’ll be able to read the stupid pictures that my stupid camera can’t see. oh yeah, guess what! remember ms. lee (math teacher @ keppel). i saw her @ my grandmother’s church.

welp, the church had a luncheon afterwards till like 3:30pm. the food was so-so, but i was so tired by the time i got home, i slept till 2am. lol. welp, that’s how i spent my Christmas day. how did u spend yours? hehe.

also, the poll above will be end tomorrow. so if you haven’t voted yet, it’s your last chance. ^_^x



thank you lilpebbly for dropping off a bag of chocolates! well, i guess i’ll have to thank Selena for adding her ‘2 pieces’ ;p ^_^x

Krunk4Ever (12:00:57 AM): MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Chingi Nud (12:01:38 AM): FantasySama (0:02:43):MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Chingi Nud (12:01:39 AM): ahahaha
Krunk4Ever (12:01:42 AM): hehe
Chingi Nud (12:01:43 AM): talk about cut and paste
Krunk4Ever (12:01:47 AM): yep

if you were on aim ~12am PST and on my buddylist, u would’ve gotten that from me too! ^_^x i also unknowingly imed a couple ppl who were Jewish and they only celebrated Hanukkah, so HAPPY HANUKKAH!!! although it’s a bit late. hehe ^_^x

Christmas Shopping

was suppose to goto Disneyland today, but that got postponed to Jan. 1st because ladydevilot had a dentist apartment. welp, instead chung, jenny, ladydevilot and i went Christmas shopping. more like me just hanging around. although i’m still missing some presents, i wasn’t able to find what i was looking for. boooo. that malls were so cramped today. luckily we had good parking karma and found a parking space in no time. guess who we see when we enter the Macy’s in Santa Anita mall? good old mmouse! i’ve been asking why mmouse hasn’t been invited during the car ride and ladydevilot just said she forgot. after some peer pressure, we got mmouse to ditch his mom and join us. evil huh? hehe ^_^x. actually i think his mom was more than happy to get rid of him into our hands. so we walked around the mall just hanging around chking out stuff. i actually bumped into jenny (my neighbor) and kelly (a long lost friend who i recently caught up with last year when i went to visit UCLA). jenny was working @ the cinnabons place and kelly was working @ robinsons may. *thinking really hard on what else we did* oh yeah, just like what GAP told me, Disney had this mean old lady telling me photography was not allowed within the store. BOOOO! oh yeah, finally it came time for dinner. while we were waiting for ladydevilot to round up all here cute guy friends, we were roaming around the bookstore (forgot it’s name, but there should only be one in Santa Anita mall). we bumped into Byron!!! who was sitting there reading with 2 new pairs of shoes and a dress (wonder who that’s for *wink* *wink*). he claimed he was waiting for his mom to finish shopping. welp, then along came Derek (different from mmouse). he’s my roommate’s ee40 partner. and i’ve only met him about 3x. supposedly he lives in Pasadena. what a coincidence!!! chatted for awhile and mmouse was very surprised that there was another person with the same spelling of his name!

ladydevilot finally decided that we were going to olive garden for dinner. we met up with mike and Chris there. (remember me mentioning that she was rounding up all her cute guy friends – i wont go into too much detail of them since i believe going there is forbidden). when we were eating, i believe we saw Adrianna. well derek confirmed, i just noticed that girl looked extremely familiar. while leaving, we met Robert (a year before me and i’m known forever to him as Stonehenge Jackson – some war general i screwed up naming during those calculus after school nite study sessions and from that point on, i was marked). chatted for awhile and talked about how he was doing way better than high school and how is gpa is so high. (krunk looks @ his gpa. krunk starts crying… )o; ).

ladydevilot then decided that we were going to AI (Arcade Infinity?). didn’t play anything. i got a blast just outta watching. hehe. especially the para para paradise. i couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

there’s a new album with 6 pictures. ladydevilot looks funny in the last one. plus i also have 2 movies (each ~9megs) if you’re interested in seeing:
movie 1
movie 2

Happy Thanksgiving!

a bit late, but


was in a hurry yesterday to finish up as much as my cs project so i could enjoy my thanksgiving weekend @ my roommate’s home in SF. didn’t think i’d have a chance to update my site till sunday nite, but andrew’s family is having a family thingy tomorrow and he drove me back which equals more time on project. ^_^x will be gone tomorrow nite again. going back into SF.

welp, on wednesday afternoon, well close to evening, esca told me us to go outside and look @ the sunset. i was just outside and the sunset didn’t look that awesome. he says i’m wrong. so i went to the etcheverry 5th floor (apparently 6th floor has no/restricted balcony access) and took a fabulous picture. i guess esca is right after all. hehe. enjoy the pic in “Picture of the Moment” (renamed from Picture of the Week since it’s not updated every week as many of u may have noticed). hehe ^_^x also, if you haven’t noticed, i have now included not one, not two, but ALL the old Pictures of the Moment. enjoy ^_^x

well, today is officially Black Friday one of the largest sale day each year. my cuz is outside of bestbuy right now with 2 magazines and a gameboy advance hoping to get into some good deals. sigh… since the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) thingy happened to FatWallet, i’ve decided to boycott Black Friday sales (but that’s just a lame excuse that i don’t have a car to actually get to any of these places) hehe. u can read more about how they tried to take down fatwallet here on CNN.

was planning to talk about all the good food tonite i had during thanksgiving, but maybe tomorrow. 7:25AM = time to goto sleep. ^_^x

First Home Cooked Meal

first of all, i’d like to throw out a big HAPPY BDAY to carii. this will make her.. uh.. i don’t think i’m allowed to give away a girl’s age. hehe. sorry guys, but she’s also taken. but i never said there was no competition. ^_^x

cunndogg really likes his new RC Car. welp, being somewhat of an Initial D fan, i asked if he can get it to drift 180° or even 360°. welp, we took some video clips of it so we hope you’ll enjoy it. the volume is a bit loud, so u might wanna lower it. we didn’t get it to do 360° but we may have succeeded in 180°. ^_^x

clip 1 | clip 2

welp, not wanting to let the lamb meat get bad + we’ve been marinating the remainder of the lamb from last nite for an entire day, we decided to give it another shot. this time i took pix of it:

green bell peppers in lamb juice and teriyaki saucefreshly cut carrotslamb meat kept warm in ovencarrots in lamb juice and teriyaki saucewe're done!adding the carrots to ricethen the green bell pepperand finally the lamb meat!

YUMMY! ^_^x

welp, we went to the bar again tonite. this time with laa, lydia, liam, and cunndogg. we sat down and waited for the waitress to come serve us. she came and took our order and then asked us if we had our id. we were like wo… (although i only ordered a virgin drink, i was surprised also since this was the first time we got carded). we searched our wallets and no one could find it (how convenient -_^x). so she said she was sorry and couldn’t serve us. so we got up and left surprised by this new rule. we decided that the boss was in today, so the waitress had to follow accordingly. oh well, next time. ^_^x we then went to liam’s house to watch “Metropolis” a anime supposedly release last year. i had it, but never watched it. (did that shock u?) i’m really picky about anime. if i don’t like any part of it, i wont watch it. an initial skim of Metropolis didn’t really catch my attention. welp, the animation was great, but the plot was really confusing and required too much thinking for me to enjoy anime. if you like that type of anime/stories, you should really check this out. cunndogg decided it was relating this society to the German Nazis. ^_^x

New Linux Computer

went to sleep @ 7, woke up @ 4. found out i had a bug in my project. fixed it in 15mins. then a friend requested help, and stayed for an extra 1.5hrs. welp, that’s what friends are for ^_^x

as cunndogg pointed out, i made a mistake on the specs of our new workstation. in fact it is only a XP1600+ and not a XP2000+. but plans to overclock this baby is progress and supposedly this is easily overclockable to 2100.

welp, cunndogg and i had our first cooking experience (besides boiling pasta, instant noodles, microwave/oven pizza) today and i’ve gotta say it turned out 100x better than what i expected. we were planning to goto Barney’s for a milkshake celebration, but they closed @ 10. andronicos was next door so we went in and picked up some items to make dinner with. we marinated some lamb (forgot which part of the lamb it was) with pineapple sake teriyaki sauce. We also added A1 Steak Sauce, and Tiger Sauce (similar to Tabasco) to spice up the taste. we stir-fried the lamb in olive oild and then added red/green bell peppers and carrots. put that on rice and we got ourselves a tasty meal. an oil shot into cunndogg’s eye during this experiment, but that was the only bad part. oooh, forgot to add 7-up w/ black berry torani. are u drooling yet? hehe ^_^x

after several days of attempts to install linux and near the verge of giving, we finally did it. stupid nvidia and their proprietary nforce drivers caused us install different distributions of linux. we’ve tried RedHat 7.3, SuSE 8.1, RedHat 8.0 and all has failed. Mandrake 9.0 and Slackware were sitting in my hd waiting in case RedHat 7.3 failed again. but thanks to the help on nvnews forums, we were finally able to get it up and running. now on to trying to get the network card to work!

Viagra Comedy Skit

anyone have plans for halloween and thanksgiving? I DO! working on my stupid cs project that is. so conveniently hilfinger puts our project due dates right after these holidays! i mean it is good in a way that you get more time, but you basically don’t enjoy any holidays at all. no going home, no nothing! but then again, i wasn’t planning to go home thanksgiving, but my friend was just complaining about it. hehe. rumor is that this class started out with a bit over 200 people is now down to the size of ~100.

like tomatoes? or should i say tomahtos? well, you guys missed out in a big can (yes those big cans that restaurants get) of tomato sauce that they were giving away as free samples. there were dried tomatoes, marinara sauce, chopped tomatoes, and even pears! here’s the thread. was done with my EE lab in less than 30 mins and spent the time waiting for my GSI/TA to check me off getting this can of tomato sauce. hope it comes. ^_^x

have u seen the new Viagra commercial with the baseball player Rafael Palmeiro? here’s the link to the ad if you want to watch it and i encourage you do before you read on. well, i thought of a funny script for a SNL show. i’ve decided to choose Horatio Sanz as the guy to play the ad.

Sanz: I taking batting practice.
Screen: over 450 home runs (shots of his home runs)
Sanz: I take infield practice.
Narrator: 3 Gold Gloves (shots of him catching a ball)
Sanz: I take Viagra.
Narrator: Father of 20 Children (shots of him trying to control 20 kids)

while trying to find what the exact lines to the commercial, i happened to find this article which i found HILARIOUS! linky <– it’s mature humor so if you don’t get it, please don’t ask me why.

well, 3 more doodles today. hope u like them ^_^x


turns out the reason the server was down for 8hrs was because of some hardware upgrade. i wonder what excuses they’ll come up with next time. anyway, i’m just glad my site’s back up and running.

welp, MMouse311 seems to be starting a new Yahoo Group with photos and pictures directed to mature audiences. wouldn’t lemme join until i gave out my age in my yahoo profile (doesn’t mean i gave out my real one -_^x) anyone, for those that are interested, the link to join is linky.

today in EE20, the professor said one of the funniest things! he goes, “i’m going to give you a TLA. you guys all know what TLA means right?” most of the class was just lost. he goes. Three Letter Acronym. just thought it was funny and worth mentioning. hehe ^_^x

had lunch with lilpebbly today. i had no idea 99 ranch market existed up here! but she proved me wrong. they also had pretty good pho’ there also. i also diagnosed her laptop and found out that she has a dead harddrive, sigh… it’s so sad when all the info you’ve saved is now gone. and for those that has had such a traumatic experience, you should know that at times like these is when being a friend really counts. oh yeah, for those who ever wants to open a Hewlett Packard Pavillion Notebook, READ THIS before continuing. i was trying to open it from the bottom for so long and almost gave up. welp, they have some funky way of opening this sucka! hehe. ^_^x

New episode of Hikrau no Go is out! w00h00!!! following are some extracts from it:

hikaru no go - sai laughinghikaru no go - sai yelling

SES – Korean Band

today was one of the more exciting days of the week. went this morning to samgoody in hayward to check out a deal on minidisc players. cunndogg grabbed a MRZ500 that was on clearance for $128 total. then i met up with cari, decat, mechy, and will. ohfuee couldn’t get outta bed to come with us. =( hehe. anyway, we went into Oakland Chinatown and ate @ the dim sum place somewhere. lol, this marks my 2nd time eating dim sum with friends. usually i have them with my parents. it’s also the first time i’ve ridden BART after i got back to berkeley. wow, so many first attempts today. we then went to decathanerd’s apartment and got some Soul Caliber 2, DOA2, and Power Stone 2 action. but the truly surprising event of the day was when ohfuee told me that my long lost elementary friend was coming up to visit. pokerbob, who i haven’t met since 3rd grade. well actually we did meet during 6th grade during math field day and we were competing against each other. lol. we were like best buddies before. pokerbob, slicktran, and i could be said to be today’s sueon, crabyaple, and me. we went to la loma to and shot pool for 2 hours. really nice.

today, when talking to PuchikoChan today, we brought up one of my favorite Korean bands: SES. my favorite 3 songs are: Dreams Come True, Oh My Love, and I’m Your Girl. i haven’t listened to their songs in years, but i found the cd i burnt the songs on and have been listening to their albums for the past few hours. PuchikoChan also sent me a really cute picture of the girls here. i also uploaded a short clip which i really liked here (36megs). enjoy ^_^x

check out what princeton review says cal is known as #2 for: link – thanks to panzer

oh yeah, mechy reminded me it was mid-autumn festival today, so i’d like to wish everyone a happy mid-autumn festival and don’t get too stuffed on mooncakes, they’re really fattening. BUT THEY’RE SO GOOD! I especially liked the pure lotus seed ones with no egg yolk. i hate egg yolk in my moon cakes. they cost $5 more for the egg yolk and taste nasty. anyway, here’s a card for you guys – thanks to lsyimle.

Completed Bathroom

the highlight of my day was when our bathroom finally is finished. it looks superb right now. new tiles, new facets (or whatever u call that shower thing with knobs and a shower head), and a new paint job. mitch did a great job i’ve gotta say. so tomorrow, i can resume back to normal showers. ^_^x here’s a picture of it:

completed bathroom

well, then again, my highlight of the day could’ve been seeing my ex-roommate for the 1st time again since i’ve returned to berkeley. mandalayx, ben, cunndogg, and i went to mel’s for dinner and guess who we bumped into??? AMBER! ordering food was even more hilarious. when it was ben’s turn to order, he asked for a cheeseburger, when he really meant grilled cheese sandwich. but he was stuttering and couldn’t remember what he wanted. when he finally did, he said, “i’d like to order a grilled cheese sandwich, baby. i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to call you baby.” the waitress goes, “oh, don’t worry about it. in fact, i like it when u call me baby.” ben tries to defend and it just got worse. she says, “now i’m not good enough for you. you’re such a heart breaker.” it was so hilarious! when she brought our food over, she gave special treatment to ben and said, “here you go, baby.”

then we went to safeway cause cunndogg wanted some booze. got more of his favorite seagram. mandalayx sorta disappeared midway talking on his cellfone. we were at the car already and decided to park somewhere else and see if he could find us. it was so funny.

worst part of my day was my confrontation. everyone kept saying i had this girlfriend which i never met. i mean, i would know right? or am i just blinded since i’m in the middle of the situation. sigh…

guess one! there’s been a new site being spread around the Berkeley Newsgroups. It’s called Final Distance. it’s been added to my links section but is supposedly a great tool for help in planning out the optimal class schedules. u input your list of classes and then it’ll choose the best discussion section/lab section to fit in the most packed schedule. it also factors in lots of other factors that u may select. u can even tell it no classes before 10am or something. really interesting so if you’re in berkeley, u may wanna bookmark this link. ^_^x