Add Chemical X

although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s very likely i’ll be going to japan, hong kong, and china @ the beginning of august with my cousin! it’s going to be my first time to japan, so i’m hoping an awesome adventure! ^_^x

btw, remember that sugar, spice, and everything nice + chemical X = The Powerpuff Girls – The Movie in theatres July 3rd! I think I know who’s definitely going to watch this. ^_^x

I’d like to take this chance to introduce to you my favorite song of the … uh.. day? week? month? whatever. hehe. here’s Avril Lavigne – Complicated

picture of the week has been updated, so enjoy!

Mechy and Girls

Project Mischief is underway pretty good. Phase II was supposed to be completed with ease, however, I lost 24hrs. *sniff*. Time is precious when there’s a war going on. Hope I can make up for lost time.

Recently, I noticed I used the word ‘welp’ more often than I ever used. In fact, I never recalled using that word at ALL!!! I wonder what go me started. I always use: oh well, but I noticed I no longer used that now. I wonder if it’s because of my lazy butt and the welp saves me 3 keystrokes. ;p

I finally got evidence of mechy and his girls. This was all a coincidence. We all know mechy won’t show us the real thing when he knows we’re around. Sorta haveta bump into him to know the real truth. (was that a double positive? Is there such a thing???) Pic1 | Pic2 :: from what I recalled, at least one of the girls present in the pix was different from the girls I bumped into last week. I wonder what mechy is pointing for them. Either to his room (oooh la la!!!) or just giving them a tour (meaning it’s their first time here!!!). hehe -_^x

Thanks to great friends like panzer and mercurial, I finally got my hands on The Storm Riders! WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! Sigh, I miss those days with all the good Chinese kung fu movies. They all suck now. Too much computer, not enough action. If you haven’t seen this, this is SUPER RECOMMENDED. I’d show you some pix, but it’ll just spoil the movie for you. For those that want it and has an EDU connection, msg me.

Bleh, I’ll save the quotes for tomorrow in case I don’t have an interesting story for you guys. G’nite @ 7:22am.

Printer Cartridge Heads

wow, that was one really weird weekend. Didn’t update for 2 whole days. been really lazy recently. Probably have mono ;p.

I went to bed @ 8:30am last morning and woke up @ 2:30pm and the found out my computer died. So skipping the remainder of my classes, I went about to fix my computer. It seems to be rather fine now, if not better. So I’m happy.

For fans of rice rockets (souped up cars), I’d recommend The Legend of Speed (Chinese equivalent of Fast and Furious):

legend of speed - car with nozlegend of speed - car with noz
I bet mechy will like this ;p, it has NOZ (NO2)

Interesting fact:

Krunk4Ever (5:30:27 PM): yep, not many places sell generic lexmark cartridges
Krunk4Ever (5:30:29 PM): i wonder why…
Krunk4Ever (5:30:38 PM): all epsons cartridges are made generic
Krunk4Ever (5:30:41 PM): but hp has few
Krunk4Ever (5:30:43 PM): and so does lexmark
Krunk4Ever (5:30:51 PM): is there like some patent?
ungsunghero (5:32:05 PM): no
ungsunghero (5:32:12 PM): hp and lexmark carts have the printer heads on them
ungsunghero (5:32:19 PM): cost to manufacture = a lot
ungsunghero (5:32:26 PM): epsons do not
ungsunghero (5:32:32 PM): cost to manufacture = not nearly as much
Krunk4Ever (5:33:14 PM): what’s printer heads?
Krunk4Ever (5:33:22 PM): those little copper pieces?
ungsunghero (5:33:37 PM): where the cartridge touches the paper
Krunk4Ever (5:33:47 PM): what’s the head for?
ungsunghero (5:34:01 PM): think of it as the equivalent of a ball bearing in a “ball point pen”
Krunk4Ever (5:34:08 PM): ah i c
Krunk4Ever (5:34:13 PM): how do epsons print then?
ungsunghero (5:34:15 PM): epson carts = the plastic “guy” (shudder) holding the ink
Krunk4Ever (5:34:25 PM): n/m
Krunk4Ever (5:34:29 PM): i think i know how now
ungsunghero (5:34:32 PM): hp/lexmarks = the plastic thingy (shudder…) + the metal part
Krunk4Ever (5:34:38 PM): the printer heads are part of the printer on the epson
Krunk4Ever (5:34:48 PM): and the cartridges are just bottles of ink
ungsunghero (5:34:49 PM): precisely
Krunk4Ever (5:34:58 PM): ah, it all makes sense now
ungsunghero (5:35:04 PM): exactly!
ungsunghero (5:35:05 PM): how do i know this? i’m the king of useless facts!
Krunk4Ever (5:35:14 PM): i wonder if i can send my cartridges back in and make some money
ungsunghero (5:35:19 PM): (my new catchphrase…you may quote me)
Krunk4Ever (5:35:37 PM): kewl
ungsunghero (5:39:28 PM): so has peter educated toland on something interesting today???
Krunk4Ever (5:39:35 PM): yep ^_^x
ungsunghero (5:39:44 PM): good