Fakespot Bookmarklet

So I just found out a Fakespot, a website that analyzes Amazon.com reviews and gives it a grade from A to F, A indicating that its reviews are reliable and trustworthy and F indicating the reviews are dogshit and fake. I was thinking it would be great to have this context along any Amazon.com product while I’m browsing, so I went searching for an extension.

They do have a Chrome extension, but they charge $2/month to use it. If there was a small one-time fee, I would’ve purchased it immediately, but requiring a monthly subscription is a bit too much for its utility. Funny thing is it looks like their Firefox and Safari extensions as well as the iOS / Android apps are free, making me feel even less inclined to pay them.

FakeSpot Chrome Extension Screenshot

Anyway, I decided to write a bookmarklet you can easily add to your bookmarks toolbar so when you’re on any Amazon page, clicking on it will take you directly to the Fakespot page.



Online Stores Should Make It Easy To Convert Prepaid VISA Gift Cards

prepaid credit cardOnline stores should take advantage of people disliking prepaid VISA gift cards with all the hidden fees and the fact that it’s hard to use up every last penny on that darn thing. I just got a prepaid American Express card from a recent deal I took apart of and I do what I always do, I convert them into Amazon.com gift cards and add it to my balance.

Today, if I wanted to cash out my prepaid credit card, I would have to go to Amazon.com, purchase a gift card, and send it to myself. Afterwards, I’d have to redeem it once I got the email. Though not a complicated process, it seems it can be easily simplified.

If I was an online store, I’d add a convert button on my website that’ll allow users to input a credit card number, expiration date, and an amount. The amount immediately gets charged and automatically gets added to my gift card balance. In fact, I’d probably advertise that there’s no hidden fees and no expiration date and stick it on any page where I already advertise about gift cards.

Simple, easy, fast.