Six Flags Discount (One-Day Adult Admission at Child’s Price)

Thanks to kattails2 for this deal. Since people have being coming to my site looking for Six Flags Discount, I decided to have a 2008 post.

Six Flags
One-Day Adult Admission at Childs Price.
use promo code- located in the upper right corner


  1. Go to Six Flags Tickets
  2. Select your park of choice in the combo box.
  3. A new window should open and on the upper right hand corner, it says ENTER PROMO HERE
  4. Enter the following promotion code: COLDSTONE or PJKID

According to the description provided, the deal expires on 9/28/2008.

One-Day Ticket – Everybody Pays Kids Price

One-Day admission to Six Flags _____ valid regular operating days during the 2008 season through December 31. The discounted ticket cannot be combined with any other offer. Visit for specific operating schedule. Children 2 and under FREE!

Everyone Pays the Kid’s Price!
Ticket valid through 9/28/2008.

Apparently if you’re planning to go either today or tomorrow, Six Flags Magic Mountain has a Memorial Day discount for $26.99/person.


Update: Promo code PJKID also works (expires 7/31/2008)

Squishables – So Cute!

So Tera first introduced me to this website: a few days ago. The stuffed animals on their site were really cute, but I was wondering why the price was so high. $38 for a stuffed animal. Then of course, based on the pictures on the front page, I had no idea how big they were. I clicked on the gallery and none of the pictures loaded. Turns out NoScript was blocking all the images from being loaded. Temporarily allowed to run scripts and then came the pictures.

The size was a lot bigger than I had expected. I was expecting it to be the size of say giant fist, but this is like a giant pillow. Still not sure if it’s worth the full $38, I began to contemplate if I wanted one. My sister is fond of piggies, so I added a Squishable Pig to my cart to check how much shipping would be. Shipping was $6 extra, so that put me at about $44 shipped.

Some of these guys look funky, but some of them are so cute and adorable (see the cow). Ungsunghero questioned who would actually carry around big stuffed animals like that. I used to when I was small. I even lost a few of my favorites that way.

I asked my sister if she wanted a giant piggy for Christmas and she questioned me how big it was. As you may have noticed, I’m not good with describing sizes, so I said about 1.5 pillow sizes. She said sure, and then when I was about to place the order, I noticed it was out of stock. I thought I still had time before Christmas and added myself to their newsletter as they said that when new stock comes in, we’ll be notified via their newsletter.

However, later in the day, I noticed it came back in stock and I added it immediately to my cart. I think what happened probably was since I added it to my previous cart, my session had expired, but they didn’t increase the stock count. Anyway, I did a quick search for a coupon for but didn’t find any, and decided to make my purchase. This was yesterday.

Today I received in my email box a newsletter:

In honor of pre-Solstice commercialism, we’re offering a discount coupon from now until Thursday, Nov 22nd for 10% off all our squishables! Use it yourself, or pass it on to a friend (or enemy)! Why? Cause we’re in a good mood! This one’s only good for Google Checkout – just enter SQNOV10 in the coupon field when you get to the checkout screen in Google Checkout. Nifty!

I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just placed an order yesterday and now I get a 10% off coupon. Scenarios went through my head. Is it too late to cancel? Should I try to email them to see if they’ll apply the discount to my order. I went with the latter route and sent them an email:


I just received your newsletter providing a 10% off coupon. Unfortunately for me, I had made my purchase yesterday. I was wondering if there was any way to retroactively apply the coupon.

Regarding how I heard of this site, my friend just IMed me a few days ago and said look how cute the animals are.

Thanks in advance!

They were really quick and replied:

Sure, no worries at all. We’ll refund you 10% later today!

It’s on one condition, though. You have to promise to email us and tell us how you like the little guy once he arrives!


Aaron & Zoe

I’ve already gotten my refund ($3.80 worth) and am a super satisfied customer.

Six Flags Discount (~50% Off)

Update: See the new updated 2008 post: Six Flags Discount (One-Day Adult Admission at Child’s Price)

Generally, I don’t post deals on my site, but since I know many of you from L.A., I thought I’d share since tickets to Magic Mountain is only $25. Deal was taken from SD.

Great saving on your Six Flags tickets with promotional code. Good for both adults and children alike and is good for multiple tickets.

The discounts depend on which park ticket you will eventually buy. The Chart Below shows all the discounts you can receive with this promotional code.

This is good for online purchase only at

Promo code: HOMEDEPOT

Enter promo code at the top right of the screen.

Location of Six Flags Park General admission Online Promotional admission Percentage of savings
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo $49.99 $22.00 56%
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles $59.99 $25.00 58%
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles $29.99 $16.40 45%
Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver $34.99 $20.50 41%
Six Flags over Georgia, Atlanta $49.99 $24.99 50%
Six Flags White Water,Atlanta $35.99 $20.99 41%
Six Flags Great America, Chicago 54.99 30.00 45%
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville $39.99 $20.99 47%
Six Flags America, Baltimore/Washington DC $49.99 $21.50 45%
Six Flags, New England, Springfield $49.99 $23.00 54%
Six Flags St. Louis $44.99 $24.99 44%
New Jersey
Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson $59.99 $28.00 53%
Six Flags Hurricane Harbour, Jackson $34.99 $21.00 40%
New York
Six Flags Darien Lake, Buffalo $29.99 $23.99 20%
The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom, Lk George $39.99 $21.59 46%
Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio $46.99 $26.99 42%
Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington $47.00 $25.99 45%
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington $31.99 $17.57 45%

There was a rumor a few months ago saying that Magic Mountain has shut down due to gang problems. Apparently those rumors are no longer. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a theme park. Hopefully you can enjoy this before school lets out and the summer heat gets strong. Waiting in line for an hour or 2 is not fun. Enjoy!