Getting Drunk for the First Time

So I’m still not sure if I was drunk or just tipsy, but as those who follow me on Twitter have found out, I drank a ton of alcohol for the 1st time in my life. As my brother puts it, “My plan was to get get you F*ed up last night.”

I’m currently in Laredo, TX visiting my brother. Last night, he took my sister and I out drinking at a local lounge. I still recall most of the specifics of what happened last night, so that’s why I don’t think I was exactly drunk, but definitely beyond tipsy. My brother just ordered drink after drink for my sister and I. The drinks weren’t too bad (you can read my tweet to find out what I drank exactly) and I had a fun time.

All this time, my brother’s also been trying to get me to dance with some random girls. Being in an unfamiliar place, it’s not really something I find myself comfortable doing. In fact, I’m probably not comfortable doing it even at a familiar place. However, let’s just say after a few drinks, there was some dancing, some grinding, and somehow I ended up on stage. In all the midst of this, I lost my headband, but I think someone took it off my head when I was dancing. I also ended up somehow exchanging numbers with some random girl, but I don’t really want to get into that story.

The lounge was finally closing and we got our bill. I was a bit shocked at the total, but somehow managed to calculate 15% tip. I wobbled when I walked afterwards, but was still able to recite the alphabets in reverse. We ended up hitting a taco joint which had some awesome tacos, but too bad I wasn’t exactly hungry. I ended only eating about 3 bites from my taco. Is it me, or does time move a lot faster when you’re drunk?

Anyway, we got home, I drank a glass of water, tweeted that I was drunk and hit the sack. I was surprised I was still able to type. I had a hard time trying to fall asleep. Not sure if I ever did. Then some time around 10 or 11am, I hear someone rush into the bathroom barfing. I wasn’t feeling that well myself and had problem getting myself up.

So never having experienced an hangover, I’m going to consider what I had this morning to be a hangover. I didn’t have any headaches, but I was definitely nauseous and my body wasn’t feeling well. Certain smells also made me want to vomit. After an hour or 2 of feeling really nauseous, I decided to get it over with and induced myself to vomit. I felt much better afterwards, but still not too great. I still didn’t feel like eating and just wanted to sleep.

We went to Hayashi Hibachi for lunch later on and after eating the some awesome grilled salmon, I think I was finally starting to feel okay. Ended up taking more naps afterwards. I think I’m back to normal now. Definitely something I’m not looking forward in experiencing again anytime soon.