Explosive… Seriously?

I just got this email through our HOA group email and just by reading the title, I knew what it was going to be about.

Explosive thrown on my deck last night

Last night at around 11:30pm I heard as if something hit my window or wall and then heard a bang. There was visible smoke on the deck and it smelled like smoke. Upon closer inspection, I found leftovers from a small explosive (photo attached).

This is very scary and I do not feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. I couldn’t sleep for a long time last night and did not get enough sleep as a result which is ruining my weekend. The Board advised I should call the police which I will do next time (I might still report this incident too).

This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I hope this is just some kid playing a bad joke rather than a targeted harassment. If anyone’s children were out last night, please talk to them.



What I didn’t expect was how seriously they took the incident. It’s very clear to me some kids got ahold of fireworks and it landing on the porch was probably accidental. Explosive? Harassment? Couldn’t sleep? Ruined Weekend? Seriously?!? Sigh…

Update: OMG seriously?!?!?

Police came over and found a few more scraps of the illegal firework on my deck. They said it’s the type of fireworks that gets out of control and can land anywhere if malfunctioning. Luckily it landed on the concrete part of my patio a couple of inches away from the rug and plants. It could have easily burned my rug if it landed at a wrong spot or hurt me if I was there.

Police requested if anyone saw or heard anything last night or knows something, please report it.


4th of July

Jan Lyk's Party I’d like to first thank Ryan and Angel for inviting me to their 4th of July party. I’d also like to thank Jan Lyk and Joanna for inviting me to their house warming party. I apologize beforehand for taking such crappy pictures, but there were others who took much nicer pictures than me.

As always, there’s tons of yummy food at Ryan’s and Angel’s and of course the desserts are the best part. The grilled asparagus comes to a close second. We chatted and played Rock Band. I was then introduced to Time’s Up, a mixture of charades/taboo which was really fun. Unfortunately my team lost big time as I’m not that familiar with pop culture (nor the inside jokes apparently), but it was really fun. I’ve always been a big fan of charades and pictionary and other team guessing games.

Ryan made me an Old Fashioned and for some reason, I thought the drink was way too thick. By thick, I mean it had a high viscosity and I didn’t particularly like that. I kept on adding ice to it, and it helped a bit. I felt like it had a consistency of syrup, but maybe that was because it was so sweet. When I was at Jan Lyk’s, I had a couple glasses of whiskey on the rocks and found that to be much more enjoyable. Though apparently it’s a sin to have Johnny Walker Gold w/ ice. Maybe next time I’ll have it straight up.

I left Ryan’s around 7:45pm, but not before I had a spoonful of their homemade vanilla bean ice cream (which was awesome!).

By the time I got to Jan Lyk’s, it was pretty much a full house already. Jan Lyk’s new place is really sweet! I think they really have great taste in design and furniture. What’s missing right now is a giant TV in their living room.

So Jan Lyk was also having a BBQ at his party and apparently this was a Brazilian BBQ in contrast to the American one at Ryan’s. The difference is American BBQs typically comprise of hamburgers and hot dogs, while Brazilian ones comprise of racks of meat. I was pretty full by the time I got to Jan Lyk’s party, but I couldn’t pass up on medium rare filet mignon. There was also chicken, racks of lamb, racks of beef, and probably some pork also.


Later in the evening we went up to his roof to watch the fireworks going off at Gasworks Park. We had a pretty good view, besides the fact there was a nude guy across the street walking around his apartment with his blinds opened. I did miss blowing up fireworks at Ryan’s since I love being a little pyromaniac. Plus they usually have ones that shoot up like 20ft into the air which is just awesome. Maybe next year.

At Jan Lyk’s, I noticed this funky chalkboard clock and I mentioned to Aurash that he should fix the rooster:

Clock Chalkboard

After speaking with Joana, she explained why there was a rooster. See if you can figure out why there’s a rooster on the clock.

I met a bunch of new people and we chatted quite a bit and everyone was having a swell time. I finally left Jan Lyk’s around 3:15am. I should probably go get some sleep.