Perry’s Birthday Celebration

Here’s my full set of pictures: Perry’s Birthday Celebration 2010. I believe Valerie also took some.

We celebrated Perry’s birthday today. We had dinner at Red Robin’s. By the time we got back to my place, I had realized I had forgotten to asked the waitress to take our picture, oh well.

At the end of dinner, Perry busted out his free Cold Stone coupon asking if anyone else was interested in getting ice cream. Sarah had secretly ordered a birthday cake for him and had planned for me to pick it up. Somehow it was suggested Perry could get his ice cream to go and save for later. No, no no, that was a bad idea. I was trying to decide what to do. Should I reveal we already have a Cold Stone cake for him? While Perry was about to order something, I tapped him on his back and said you should save the coupon for later. Perry goes, oh… I had wanted to pick up the cake in private and surprised him later, but it was too late now. I asked for the cake and Perry figured out it was Sarah who got it for him. Originally the cake was supposed to say “Happy Birthday Old Man” (it even says that on the order form), but it appears they just wrote “Happy Birthday Perry”.

We got back to my place. A couple decided to play a round of Settlers, while the rest of us busted out on Rock Band:

settlers rock band

Someone also busted out PGR3 sometime along the way. From what I hear, Chris dominated.

Here’s some other pictures I thought turned out pretty neat:

Phillip enjoying onion rings Valerie and Perry rock band PGR3 shrimp tempura hmmmm ying ying and valerie perry pointing

The ice cream cake from Cold Stone was really good. (Thanks Sarah!) It was a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, but also had pineapple and coconut. Mmmmm. Unfortunately I realized last minute that I didn’t have candles, so Perry had to pretend to blow out imaginary candles. You can check out the video on Facebook: Happy Birthday Perry!

Perry's birthday cake Perry blowing out imaginary candles Perry cutting the cake A slice of the delicious cake

We had several extra slices that Perry was going to take home. Unfortunately my freezer was out of space, so it stayed in my fridge. By the time we left, this was what it looked like:

melted ice cream cake

We ended the night night with some 4 vs 4 Halo 3 (Perry, Sathana, Valerie, Chris vs Toland, Phillip, Saran, Tom – unfortunately Ying Ying couldn’t participate) . The teams were actually quite even and we found the winning factor to be which team was using the big screen TV. Playing 4 player Halo on a 24″ LCD just isn’t good enough.

Last Name Hon

2 weekends ago, Jason and his wife Emily came up to Seattle and the general area for residency interviews. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Jason (probably since high school), so it was cool to get to catch up with him.

Perry was giving them a tour of Seattle on Saturday morning and since I was going to meet up with them in Seattle to watch Quantum of Solace, I decided to join them early. Anyway, while Perry was giving his tour, Jason mentioned that both Emily’s and my last name were the same: Hon. It’s not everyday you meet another Hon, given the fact that most people I know that have similar last names uses the Han variation. I mean even my grandpa uses Han. The reason why Hon is a different variation of the last name is because Hon is the Cantonese pronunciation, while Han uses the traditional Mandarin pinyin system.

Even though both our last name was Hon, there are a few Chinese last names that fit that sound pattern, though 韓 is the most common one of the lot. We discussed this a bit further and it turns out her last name is also the same character as the one in Korea (韓國). I’ve actually never met another Hon that isn’t somehow connected to the family, but I guess there’s always a first.

We discussed a bit more to see which parts of China our respective families were from and didn’t really get much further than that. Her family is currently living in Alabama and I have no recollection of any relatives living there.

According to Wikipedia:

Han (韩) is currently ranked 25th in China in terms of the number of bearers at around 8 million persons

I’m surprised there’s actually that many. Haha…

Apparently my dad’s stories about how we’re descendants of the nobles from the Han Kingdom during the Warring States Period wasn’t too far fetched. However, there are 3 other origins of our last name.

Note: 韓 and 韩 are the same character, but one is traditional and the other is simplified, respectively.