How To Fix The Shopping Tote Bag Problem

Safeway Tote BagI generally try to be environmentally friendly, but I just can’t seem to remember to ever bring in my tote bag into the grocery store. Maybe it’s because it’s so infrequent that I ever go to a supermarket. I always have a tote bag in the back of my car, but 90% of the time, I only remember it when I’m checking out. By then, I’m too lazy to just drop everything just to retrieve my tote bag from my car.

I know some stores have a small monetary incentive for you to use your tote bag instead of using their plastic bags, but do people really care about the quarter they just saved by using their tote bag?

What they should do instead is at EVERY entrance of the store, have a giant sign reminding people about their tote bags. When I don’t actually have anything picked out yet, I’m a lot more inclined to head back to my car to get my tote bag.

What would be better is they have some sort of tote bag program, similar to milk that comes in a glass bottle, where you’re charged a nominal fee for the glass bottle, but will be refunded when you return the bottle. So by the time I accumulate 20 or so tote bags, I can just return them all at once. If people like the tote bags, they can opt to keep them and it’ll be cheap advertising for your supermarket.