Project Mischief – Final

welp, without further delay, here it is: Project Mischief. With only 3 weeks of school left, I’ve gone all out and violate the bandwidth rule big time. After telling several friends about what I’m going to do, they suggested I go for the 65gb mark which was foothill’s current highest bandwidth violation. As you can see from project mischief, I hit 66gb with Sunday breaking the 12gb mark. Phase I was a great success. Phase II and III will follow in hoping that I’ll break the 100gb mark. Why I decided to do this? Because of the stupid bureaucracy. One, they’re stupid in implementing this rule which does more harm than help. Two, violations of 100megs are put in the same level as violation of several gigs. Three, it took them 2months to summon me to the PRB (peer review board). Since PRB has been dismissed already, and the rescomp will very likely be able to do anything within 2 weeks (especially since it’s finals time), bandwidth violation will no longer matter.

Today was coincidence day. I’ve bumped into so many people and so did mechy. After psych class, we went to the student store to get red scantrons. As we were lining up to pay, we saw cari leave the cashier, but she left before we could say hi. On our walk back up to foothill, mechy bumped into like 5 of his friends, which he claims several he never saw this year. At the pinnacle of our hike, we bumped into lilpebbles which we haven’t seen in ages. It was a fun day. One more day of school!

Lately, I’ve been having midnight snacks all the time. Never had that experience before. Maybe it’s stress and I’ve heard stress makes you hungry. Or it could’ve been I didn’t have any food or disliked the food I have stored. Hehe. Anyway, I hope to change this habit and for now, g’nite and ~sweet dreamz~ ^_^zzz

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