Stupid Networking Guys

i’m very sorry about no updates for the past 2 days. been dead tired from work. the place i work @ is recently moving to a new office and it’s very frustrating how my work is dependent on the telephone/network guys for finishing their job. however, a very unprofessional/unreliable guy delayed my cousin and me for over a WEEK!!! things that should’ve been done since last friday was delayed till yesterday night. my cousin is going back today to see if they’re done yet.

new toy for me today!!! went to CompUSA and got myself a WD 100GB 7200RPM for $120 w/ $20 MIR (mail-in rebate) a dollar per gig. going to replace all 3 of my current harddrives (30 + 30 + 40 = 100GB)

just found out I won a PS2 Game during one of kellog’s promotions. received Gran Turismo 3: A-spec for PS2; but i got no PS2, so just going to sell it on eBay or

today I went friend-hopping. actually 2 friends only, so only 1 hop. hehe. Went to visit ungsunghero. haven’t seen him IN SO LONG! but we’ve always chatted online. those 3am chats were “awesomely cool“. hehe we traded some computer stuff then I went to elbandmonkey’s home because he was in need of a Calculus book to help prep for college. When I got there, he was on his bike ready to go to the library. IT’S SUMMER! YOU DON’T GO TO THE LIBRARY!

as for domain names, i’ve been thinking of &; however i really have no purpose with these domains besides serving files. so if anyone wants to partner up; i’m open to choices. ^_^x

oooooh! just remember i still need to sell my SW Rapid Rewards ticket. Total Cost of 3 round trip tickets = ~$240. Price I can probably sell on eBay = ~$280. Net cost for all the flights home = -$40. w00h00! hehe

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