Homemade Rounded Cables

ever wanted round ide cables but didnt want to cough up the extra bucks, well thanks to ungsunghero (who was apparently bored) decided to create some home-made round ide cables. it’s really cool. all i’m missing now is some electrical tape.

ungsunghero (10:48:36 PM): hey drunk
Krunk4Ever (10:48:46 PM): hola
ungsunghero (10:49:14 PM): ever try to make your own rounded cables?
Krunk4Ever (10:49:20 PM): nope
ungsunghero (10:49:27 PM): it’s fun!
Krunk4Ever (10:49:35 PM): just twist and tape right?
ungsunghero (10:49:42 PM): you could do that
ungsunghero (10:49:44 PM): or do what i did
ungsunghero (10:49:55 PM): take a knife, and separate the wires by hand
ungsunghero (10:49:57 PM): roll, and tape
Krunk4Ever (10:50:02 PM): oooh!
Krunk4Ever (10:50:04 PM): does that work?
ungsunghero (10:50:11 PM): then again, i was only “practicing”
ungsunghero (10:50:16 PM): with a messed up floppy cable
ungsunghero (10:50:20 PM): i assume it’ll work
Krunk4Ever (10:50:29 PM): well,
Krunk4Ever (10:50:33 PM): i have tons of ide cables now
Krunk4Ever (10:50:38 PM): bought 3 ata100 for $1
ungsunghero (10:50:42 PM): where at?
Krunk4Ever (10:50:48 PM): cause i thought it was my cables causing problems
Krunk4Ever (10:50:55 PM): well, it was a special deal from my uncle
ungsunghero (10:51:05 PM): nice
Krunk4Ever (10:51:07 PM): he custom builds computers
Krunk4Ever (10:51:11 PM): and has tons laying around
ungsunghero (10:51:12 PM): if i had a digicam…i’d show you my work
Krunk4Ever (10:51:17 PM): lemme try
Krunk4Ever (10:51:21 PM): what;d u do afterwards?
ungsunghero (10:51:28 PM): electrical tape
ungsunghero (10:51:31 PM): wrap it around
ungsunghero (10:51:41 PM): do you have a nail clipper?
Krunk4Ever (10:51:42 PM): ata100 are much thinner tho
Krunk4Ever (10:51:45 PM): yah
Krunk4Ever (10:51:46 PM): i do
ungsunghero (10:51:56 PM): does it have that “tool”?
Krunk4Ever (10:52:03 PM): that knifey?
ungsunghero (10:52:06 PM): ok…
ungsunghero (10:52:08 PM): yes
ungsunghero (10:52:19 PM): use that…it makes a little hole between 2 wires
ungsunghero (10:52:26 PM): and they separate very easily
ungsunghero (10:53:32 PM): here’s a tip
ungsunghero (10:53:48 PM): use the tip of the “knifey”, push gently, and make a hole between the wires
ungsunghero (10:54:04 PM): then slide it gently in one direction until you can pull the wires apart
ungsunghero (10:54:22 PM): this way, you minimize the risk of tearing apart the plastic covering each wire
Krunk4Ever (10:54:28 PM): have u tried an ata100 cable yet
Krunk4Ever (10:54:33 PM): there’ much thinner
ungsunghero (10:54:50 PM): nope…i know
ungsunghero (10:54:56 PM): that would probably require an exacto
ungsunghero (10:54:57 PM): haha
Krunk4Ever (10:55:24 PM): welp
Krunk4Ever (10:55:27 PM): did my first cut
Krunk4Ever (10:55:41 PM): 40something more to go
ungsunghero (10:55:46 PM): only 38!
Krunk4Ever (10:55:56 PM): oh
Krunk4Ever (10:55:57 PM): really?
ungsunghero (10:56:06 PM): wait…40 wire or 80?
Krunk4Ever (10:56:35 PM): uh
Krunk4Ever (10:56:38 PM): dont wanna count them
ungsunghero (10:56:42 PM): (ata100 or not?)
Krunk4Ever (10:56:42 PM): looks like 40
Krunk4Ever (10:56:45 PM): ata100
ungsunghero (10:56:52 PM): then that’s 80 wire
ungsunghero (10:56:57 PM): which requires 39 cuts
Krunk4Ever (10:56:57 PM): no way
Krunk4Ever (10:56:59 PM): yeah
Krunk4Ever (10:57:02 PM): that’s what i meant
ungsunghero (10:57:08 PM): to save time, don’t do each individual wire
ungsunghero (10:57:11 PM): do 2 or 3 at a time
ungsunghero (10:57:18 PM): i just did them all b/c i’m REALLY bored
ungsunghero (10:57:28 PM): (and i’m using a floppy cable…34 wire…16 cuts)
ungsunghero (10:59:05 PM): one more tip
ungsunghero (10:59:10 PM): don’t cut at an angle
ungsunghero (10:59:14 PM): you’ll shred through the cable
ungsunghero (10:59:21 PM): and don’t pull apart rapidly (same thing)
ungsunghero (10:59:26 PM): <– speaking from experience
Krunk4Ever (10:59:57 PM): arrggh
Krunk4Ever (10:59:59 PM): sliced into one
ungsunghero (11:00:13 PM): your blade is probably too sharp then
ungsunghero (11:00:21 PM): let me paypal you $.33 for your loss
ungsunghero (11:00:21 PM): haha
ungsunghero (11:01:17 PM): argh! just pulled a cable out of the connector!!!
Krunk4Ever (11:02:48 PM): hehe
Krunk4Ever (11:03:15 PM): the wire itself hasnt been spliced
Krunk4Ever (11:03:17 PM): still workable?
ungsunghero (11:03:27 PM): probably
ungsunghero (11:03:33 PM): use a small piece of electrical tape
ungsunghero (11:03:35 PM): it’ll hold
ungsunghero (11:03:40 PM): btw, i just figured something out
ungsunghero (11:04:00 PM): make a cut between each wire, then split them all at once!
ungsunghero (11:04:01 PM): HAHAHA
ungsunghero (11:04:07 PM): makes life so much simpler!
Krunk4Ever (11:04:33 PM): yeah
Krunk4Ever (11:04:36 PM): that’s what i’m doing
ungsunghero (11:04:46 PM): you could’ve told me that
ungsunghero (11:04:46 PM): !
Krunk4Ever (11:04:55 PM): i thought that’s what u told me to do
ungsunghero (11:05:39 PM): i sort of did
ungsunghero (11:05:51 PM): except what i was doing is making the “incision”, then separating the wires COMPLETELY
ungsunghero (11:05:59 PM): which causes a huge mess as you are nearly finished
ungsunghero (11:06:01 PM): <– stupid
Krunk4Ever (11:07:39 PM): another thing i learnt
Krunk4Ever (11:07:43 PM): is cut near the middle
ungsunghero (11:07:49 PM): why?
Krunk4Ever (11:07:58 PM): saves u time ripping
Krunk4Ever (11:08:14 PM): cause when one end stops ripping
Krunk4Ever (11:08:25 PM): u have to grab another end closer to the unripped end for more support
ungsunghero (11:08:50 PM): it’s easier for me to start near the top
ungsunghero (11:09:06 PM): besides, near the top of the cable (at each connector), the wires flatten out
ungsunghero (11:09:17 PM): so it’s no use to separate them that close to the connector
Krunk4Ever (11:09:17 PM): u can flatten the wire
Krunk4Ever (11:09:22 PM): but using the corner of your table
Krunk4Ever (11:09:34 PM): and watcha call it
Krunk4Ever (11:09:40 PM): do that smoothing out trip
Krunk4Ever (11:09:42 PM): trick*
ungsunghero (11:10:07 PM): it doesn’t matter how neatly we tear the wires, right?
ungsunghero (11:10:13 PM): it’ll all end up inside the tape!!
ungsunghero (11:10:14 PM): !
ungsunghero (11:10:39 PM): yay! i’m done!
ungsunghero (11:10:53 PM): 34 wire floppy cable…33 cuts…each individual wire cut
ungsunghero (11:11:11 PM): btw, what were you doing before loser peter had to ruin your night by tempting you to make your own rounded cables?
Krunk4Ever (11:11:22 PM): now i need electrical tape
Krunk4Ever (11:13:29 PM): u think pvc tape would do?
ungsunghero (11:13:48 PM): pvc tape? i don’t like the sound of that
ungsunghero (11:13:49 PM): you can try it
ungsunghero (11:16:16 PM): my sister thinks i’m crazy
ungsunghero (11:18:48 PM): can you imagine us, retired, making rounded cables like old ladies knitting???
ungsunghero (11:18:52 PM): shudder…
Krunk4Ever (11:19:08 PM): lol
Krunk4Ever (11:19:35 PM): pvc tape isnt sticky enough
Krunk4Ever (11:19:41 PM): guess it was meant for plastic pipews
ungsunghero (11:20:12 PM): i guess so
ungsunghero (11:20:16 PM): i’m having blisters
ungsunghero (11:20:18 PM): are you?
Krunk4Ever (11:20:31 PM): nope
Krunk4Ever (11:20:38 PM): or not yet
ungsunghero (11:25:39 PM): you know how i got started on this?
ungsunghero (11:26:33 PM): you know how floppy cables have little separations in their wires
ungsunghero (11:26:34 PM): ?
ungsunghero (11:26:37 PM): well…i got bored
ungsunghero (11:26:43 PM): and pulled them apart
ungsunghero (11:26:51 PM): you could probably figure out the rest…

painting: who knew besides getting high, there was something even funner! was helping my uncle paint a room today with my cuz and got paint ALL OVER my hands. At first I was like grrrr, will need something to get this off (my cuz suggested paint thinner). however, as it dried, i realized I could peel it off. just like glue!. You guys ever just squeeze glue on to your hand, wait for it to dry, and then peel it off like it was your skin. If you haven’t it’s really fun. Of course I end it by munching on it. I wouldn’t suggest that since it doesnt especially taste good. hehe.

last thing i wanted to note was that Arby’s has INCREDIBLE service. Today we went out to lunch @ Arby’s in City of Industry. I ordered an Ultimate BLT and my cuz ordered a Beef ‘N Cheddar. While we were chatting and waiting for our meal to come, I realized that people who ordered after us were getting their meals. I thought maybe ours took a little longer. Finally I got up and he asked if we got our meal yet. We both answered nope. He apologized and immediately began filling out plate. We were like, okay, people often forget (especially me, hehe). Then he asked if we wanted a shake to go with our meal. We both declined (later finding out he was offering it to us for free). I got my curly fries SUPER-SIZED for free. He also threw in an extra Roast Beef and Cheddar ‘N Beef to show their sincerity. We were like kewl!

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