Comprimising University Security Networks

nothing much happened today. was rather boring in fact. oh well.

thanks to panzer for the following links:

welp, for those that live i socal, the deal is back! $29 one way from OAK to LAX/BUR. buy your tickets early for winter break or else you know what! u snooze, u looze. ^_^x unlike before where the $29 was only for a roundtrip, you can now purchase it as One-Way. canceling one of my flights was easier than ever. called them up, gave them my confirmation # and BOOM, i was done. $75 credit applied to my new purchase of $37.50 ($29+tax+fees) = $37.50 left for next flight. wondering why i bought a flight and then canceled? well i original have a ticket for 12/19 – 1/10. but i decided to extend my return date to 1/18. so i called up SouthWest (bleh, forgot to mention this was @ SouthWest the whole time) and they told me if i wanted to cancel the 2nd flight, i’d have to fly the first flight and call back to cancel. i said, cool, but i still needed a return flight, so a i bought a new ticket for 1/18 – 1/30 (since the cheap fare required a roundtrip). well, after reading the newsletter i received today, i called in did my work. you may be scared your first time canceling your ticket, but after the first time and noticing how nice and ez it is, it’s something actually fun to do! well, not fun, but no longer afraid of. hehe. ^_^x

<@HKenshin|work> “Berkeley, CA. Uc berkeley english major was sued for comprimising university security networks for the distribution of illegal anime files. In a strange turn of events, UCB junior Steven Yoo is being sued by multiple companies and universites. Yoo appears to be the mastermind in a network of “irc” (internet relay chat) “bots” (automated software used by hackers to gain access and distribute files illegally)….”
<@MsticAzn> ouch
<@MsticAzn> where are his bots?
<@ise> dang hk already with the press release
<@MsticAzn> was he an IT?
<@Krunk> wow!
<@Krunk> hk, was that really in the daily cal?
<@HKenshin|work> lol i just made it up Krunk
<@HKenshin|work> but all those typos, miscaps
<@Krunk> oh!!!
<@HKenshin|work> that’s intentional
<@Krunk> bleh
<@HKenshin|work> to emulate daily cal style 😉
<@MsticAzn> lol
<@Krunk> u made me try to find the stupid article on
<@HKenshin|work> lol
<@HKenshin|work> do you want me to finish the rest of the fake article
<@Krunk> sure!
<@HKenshin|work> i can write at least a page
<@MsticAzn> lol
<@MsticAzn> nice
<@Krunk> i’ll post it on my website
<@MsticAzn> but is it true though?
<@MsticAzn> that person
<@HKenshin|work> hahaha
<@HKenshin|work> ise=steve yoo

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