Silent Soda

nothing much happened today. went to class and started my project for cs61b. during ee20 lecture, on the board it wrote: “(Makeup for last Friday) Review Session, Cory 277, Tomorrow @ 6PM” I was like O SH*T! another midterm? makeup midterm, what the heck is going on. I find out later it was a makeup session for a discussion which apparently the professor was late to. *whew*

last nite on my way out to soda, i heard a PAK! i was like WO! then another PAK and i saw San Francisco Tribunes around me wrapped in blue see-through plastic. this was @ 3:30am and there was this guy driving in a small car throwing newspapers out his window. the scene turned out to be hilarious and i waved goodbye to the newspaper delivery guy as he drove away. after i went to soda, this is the FIRST TIME the entire 2nd floor was empty. I even went into each room to double check. it was silent as a (well not silent since the computers were humming) but u get the point. it was like ghost town, when usually there’s at least 5 or 6 ppl working on their CS projects and hw.

welp, today’s entry is going to be short. 5am and i have 9:30am class tomorrow. i’ll end it with what crabyaple sent me: a link that’s so scary that even if i warn you it’s scary, you’d still be scared. don’t believe me. well try it. i dare you! -_^x

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