Saturnus in Witch Hunter Robin

been a rather busy day. but my ebates check arrived yesterday and got cashed today for a whooping $12 something! lucky ungsunghero has a friend who buys through him and he’s getting all the commission fees. 1 17″ LCD and 2 >3MP digicams. *drools* @ all the commission ungsunghero is going to make. of course he forced me not to say who he’s buying it for.

updated calnime page for those who are interested in checking out new animes, but don’t particularly like or know how to use mIRC or other iRC clients. ^_^x

well, it’s late tonite and i’m sorry for another lousy post, but while watching Witch Hunter Robin, i noticed this familiar picture:

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya

for those that still don’t remember where this poster was, i believe mrs. mac had it on her wall. maybe not? but very close at least. really miss her. she was a really fun teacher to have.

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