New Nike Shoes

just got my new shoes today! w00h00! click here to check them out. paid only $6.60 shipped. had a $80GC to NikeTown which I got because my old pair of Nikes had a hole on the bottom of the shoe and the inside of the shoes got super wet whenever it rains.

nike shoes

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this link. story is hilarious in some ways and painful in others. ever had that sorta experience. well, the original story is here. it’s bout some old guy accidentally burning and scarring his wee-wee by using his laptop on his lap. OUCH! if you like these type of stories, i’d like to direct you to which has tons of these stories. ^_^x

went to see one hour photo @ Wheeler tonite. Movie was sorta disappointing in that the story never really capture the audience to follow it intensely which a good suspense thriller would require. Robin Williams really wasn’t meant to do these type of horror suspense movies. he’s the funny type of guy for great comedies! but who would’ve known, carii and deCAThAneRD went to watch this too! cunndogg and i decided to leave those 2 luvbirds alone. don’t wanna bother deCAThAneRD if he tries to pull some moves. hehe -_^x

cunndogg told me this funny joke today:

There were 2 friends who were from the South and have moved onto college. One of his friends went to a Northeastern college and invited his other friend to a party. The friend gladly accepted the invitation and the party was a hit! The visiting friend decided to try his luck and hit on some chix. He saw a couple cute ones and asked, “Which university are y’all from?” The girls giggled and replied “Yale” The friend then screamed, “WHICH UNIVERSITY ARE Y’ALL FROM?

thanks to Cantaka for providing this link. Rumor is that AT&T and Comcast Cable may be soon implementing a new rule to their broadband cable internet. Rumor says that they will enforce a monthly download limit of ~10GB. YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY =(. i myself d/l more than that every couple days. if they switch on me, i’ll switch to DSL. easy as that! ^_^x

Merged my Anime List & #calnime page together into 1 now. decided that they were relatively the same thing and added and changed some links which you may find helpful. if you find any dead links or something wrong, please notify me IMMEDIATELY. thanks ^_^x

Watched The Ninth Gate on DVD tonite. an awesome movie which dives deep into the satanic world and how humans sell their souls to satan. If you’ve never watched it, i super recommend it. Well, it’s time for Hikaru no Go! FINALLY A NEW EPISODE! ^_^x

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