Happy Thanksgiving!

a bit late, but


was in a hurry yesterday to finish up as much as my cs project so i could enjoy my thanksgiving weekend @ my roommate’s home in SF. didn’t think i’d have a chance to update my site till sunday nite, but andrew’s family is having a family thingy tomorrow and he drove me back which equals more time on project. ^_^x will be gone tomorrow nite again. going back into SF.

welp, on wednesday afternoon, well close to evening, esca told me us to go outside and look @ the sunset. i was just outside and the sunset didn’t look that awesome. he says i’m wrong. so i went to the etcheverry 5th floor (apparently 6th floor has no/restricted balcony access) and took a fabulous picture. i guess esca is right after all. hehe. enjoy the pic in “Picture of the Moment” (renamed from Picture of the Week since it’s not updated every week as many of u may have noticed). hehe ^_^x also, if you haven’t noticed, i have now included not one, not two, but ALL the old Pictures of the Moment. enjoy ^_^x

well, today is officially Black Friday one of the largest sale day each year. my cuz is outside of bestbuy right now with 2 magazines and a gameboy advance hoping to get into some good deals. sigh… since the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) thingy happened to FatWallet, i’ve decided to boycott Black Friday sales (but that’s just a lame excuse that i don’t have a car to actually get to any of these places) hehe. u can read more about how they tried to take down fatwallet here on CNN.

was planning to talk about all the good food tonite i had during thanksgiving, but maybe tomorrow. 7:25AM = time to goto sleep. ^_^x

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