Google Toolbar Highlighting

well, today was a great day! finished my lab and my project for cs61b. was able to play ataxx over the network with someone else’s AI. ^_^x

i found another amazing feature of the google toolbar. check out these pictures. it’s like magic marker. after doing a google search, u don’t need to search where the word shows up on the page, and instead can use it’s magic highlighter! ^_^x

google toolbar - highlight

google toolbar - highlight

belldandy has been begging everyone to find this song for him. finally HK found it and now i’ll share it with you guys. Changin’ My Life – Eternal Snow (YouTube) the intro to the song is very sweet. ^_^x

thanks to esca for donating this link (YouTube). i don’t know what you call this kind of dancing, but it’s cool!

thanks to crabyaple for donating this link. link’s title says it all. if you’re wondering what the Chinese subtitles are saying, here’s the script:

i will hypnotize u
u will bring me all the cat food for me to eat
you’re outta your mind.
i see that you havent had enough beating.

in response to yesterday’s entry, someone asked me what catch football was. i mean the meaning is pretty literal where it’s game where you throw and catch the football. didn’t really know what confused the reader. if you’re questioning how catch football is different from regular football, then i guess that’s something someone that doesn’t know much about sports can get easily confused with. hehe. catch football involves no tackling/tagging and is more like u practicing range and trick throws and the catcher tries to estimate where the football will land and catch while running toward that point. if you’re still confuse, feel free to IM me again. -_^x

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