Esca’s Surprise Visit

hopefully the stupid washing machine will be fixed today. grrrrrr. anyway, today was a pretty fun day. my friend mercurial from UCR (aka my Chinese VCD source) sent me 4 different movies today (once again leeching off berkeley’s bw; muwahahahaha!) who knows, esca unexpectedly shows up @ my apartment w/o any notice beforehand. welp, he hung out @ jake’s place until i got back and which he came to get his “My Sassy Girl” DVD1s. while he was here, he got our linux box finally up and running. (esca = the linux pimp to cunndogg).

thanks to esca for donating this link. i’ve read bits and pieces of this before, but this is by far the best and longest compilation i’ve seen yet. One thing i don’t particularly get was:

23. Disney movies are more than classics

is there a 2nd meaning to that? or does it just mean disney movies are awesome (which i know is a fact) but disney movies are awesome to all ages (young and old).

thanks to ladydevilot for donating this link. many of you may have seen the panda dog before, but here he is again, stealing your hearts from your boy/girlfriend. hehe. ^_^x

welp it’s 7:20am, and i’m offta bed. need to study tomorrow. grrrr =(

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