Need to Poop?

today was an awesome day. think i slept till ~5pm. went to bed around 8am (just like today; current time is 7:49am). i’m starting to get a bit hungry tho. hmmmmm.

just finished watching minority report. it’s a pretty good movie. not really an in-depth movie with much thinking, but it was nice to see what our future society looked liked. if u saw this movie, those LCDs were DOPE! i wish i had one.

snakescott: hmmm, do you have an extra roll of TP I can buy?
Krunk4Ever: what’s TP?
Krunk4Ever: toilet paper?
snakescott: oh, and if you have change for a $20 I can give you your $5
snakescott: yeah
Krunk4Ever: uh
Krunk4Ever: i have 1 $1
Krunk4Ever: and 2 $100
snakescott: okay
Krunk4Ever: dont think i can help u ;p
snakescott: well
Krunk4Ever: uh
Krunk4Ever: but yeah
snakescott: if you want to change a $20 for a $100
snakescott: what about the TP?
Krunk4Ever: we have tons of TP
snakescott: okay I’ll come up for a minute
Krunk4Ever: okay
Krunk4Ever: hey…
snakescott: oh doh
snakescott: I should come up
snakescott: brt
Krunk4Ever: were u planning to still come up?
Krunk4Ever: lol
Krunk4Ever: okay
snakescott: thx
Krunk4Ever: np
snakescott: πŸ˜€
Krunk4Ever: i thought u needed to poop ;p
Krunk4Ever: i was wondering where u were ;p
snakescott: haha
snakescott: so like
snakescott: sometimes you know
snakescott: you feel like maybe you need to
Krunk4Ever: then it subsides
snakescott: and then it goes away
snakescott: πŸ˜›
snakescott: yeah
snakescott: but it’s good
Krunk4Ever: yah, i’ve had that feeling
snakescott: now, that I have TP
Krunk4Ever: just hold it in long enough
snakescott: just in case
snakescott: πŸ˜€
Krunk4Ever: and the feeling disappears
Krunk4Ever: then it comes back twice as strong the next time
Krunk4Ever: more energy to hold it in
Krunk4Ever: and then it subsides
Krunk4Ever: finally u get to the point where you dont have control anymore
Krunk4Ever: and u run to the toilet
snakescott: uhm
snakescott: okay enough about this

thanks to cd-mcc, their’s been a new category added to the this site: “Tycoon of the Day“. it first came as an idea when i was arguing i wasn’t a tycoon fan and him trying to convince me i should be one… (welp, too bad i’m firm on my beliefs on which games i like and i don’t like too many games; especially after jedi knight II gave me 3d motion sickness). well, he was bringing up a bunch of random tycoons (ie NFL Tycoon, Video Game Tycoon, etc) and the titles just got weirder and weirder until he finally told me he was making these up. he said that i should have a topic on my site so he can make up Tycoons. I originally wanted to call it “Tycoon of the Moment” (all of you should know how successful my Picture of the Week was, now known as Picture of the Moment), but he said he was able to handle one a day. we’ll see about that. ;p Anyway, I’m also adding a new category called: “Previous Polls” in case anyone wanted to see the results of the previous polls.

Speaking of polls, the current poll for the iPod vs. the MZ-N1 will be ending tonite. so if you haven’t voted and want to voice your opinion, this is your last chance! ^_^x the ending time will be sometime after midnite. new poll will be up tomorrow.

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