iPod vs MZ-N1 Result

welp, seems like tycoon of the day wont be updated tonite. guess cd-mcc is already slacking off ;p. j/k. he just finished his finals and went home for a little celebration i suppose.

as i announced yesterday, the polls for iPod vs MZ-N1 will terminate tonite. the final score is:

Choice Votes Approximate %
Apple iPod 13 65%
Sony MZ-N1 5 25%
Other 2 10%

as shown, the iPod has won over the MZ-N1 with a landslide. ^_^x

new poll is up. this one is courtesy of cd-mcc who was trying to explain to me what heifer is.

welp, nothing much else interesting today. hopefully, i’ll be able to whip up something better for tomorrow. ^_^x

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