Berkeley Friends’ Visit

It’s been a crazy weekend! Couple of friends from Berkeley came up and visited CDMCC and me. Liam, SFHalcyon, Vandel, and Brenna flew all the way to Seattle to visit us. We had a blast. Went out to several fancy restaurants. Went out drinking. Played a lot of fool and asshole (Big2 with slightly different rules). Just to show my appreciation, I took a shot of Grey Goose. Was pretty horrid and guess who chickened out in the end. HAHA. Though he did have a Long Island Ice Tea beforehand. Liam didn’t really get to enjoy his vacation much. Spent both Friday and Saturday working on his CS162 project (operating systems) because as he claims, “his partners are idiots.” On Sunday, we all went out hiking at Twin Falls (where Twin Peaks was filmed). The waterfalls there were pretty and we all had fun. My legs did get a bit sore, but not as much as I was expecting. Check out the pictures I took in the photo album. Be sure to check out the videos at the end of the album.

So lemme back track a bit. It’s been probably over a week since I last posted. Maybe just a little under since the gang showed up on Thursday night, and that was when I stopped posting. Thursday night before they arrived, I met Karl’s UCSD roommate Joseph and Joseph’s current roommate Tyler. CDMCC introduced me to them and they were new hires too and we had dinner together. It was pretty fun. Joseph is on the MSN team and Tyler IIRC was on the Windows MSI team.

Afterwards, time was running close to arrival, so both CDMCC decided to go straight to the airport to pick up Liam and SFHalcyon. Was a bit on gasoline, but there really wasn’t any other better plan. Vandel and Brenna’s flight got delayed and would be coming in around midnight. It was awesome to see Liam again. I’ve missed him so much! The next few days were a blast. I had to work on Friday since ZBB just past (zero bug bar) and ZRB (zero resolved bugs) was the following week, but I met up with them after work for dinner.

On my way over there, I hit major traffic jam, even though it was 7:30 already. Turns out there was some sort major car accident. I passed by a black car on the side of the freeway, crushed in the front, flipped over, and police officers trying to tear the car apart. After I past that wreck, it was smooth sailing… until I hit the Mercer exit. I usually take the Stuart exit, but CDMCC told me the Mercer tends to be faster. I got lost. hahaha. in the middle of Seattle. But after a number of wrong turns and just following my instincts, I found my way to CDMCC’s apartment complex. What usually took 20mins ended taking over an hr and change.

Liam also ended up staying over at my place and we had a great time watching the 1hr Bleach special. It’s getting exciting!!! I can’t wait to see Ichigo’s bankai! Let’s see, what happened next. Oh yah! On Saturday afternoon, we all chilled at the Microsoft field across from Building 16 and played catch and threw the football around. It was rather fun. The girls didn’t join in though. Later on, Vandel started whipping people with his extra long chewed bubble gum and that was a quite sight.

Sigh…. It was so disappointing. After lunch, we all went back to CDMCC’s place to watch the Cal vs UCLA football game. Both teams were undefeated. It was such a great start for Cal, but HOW THE HELL DID WE LOSE!?!?!? Sigh… It still hurts to think back to that game. Only thing we can hope for is that we defeat USC and USC defeats UCLA. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. We were planning to.. well THEY were planning to have a big celebration after we “win” the game, but everyone was so disappointed after the game, we just sat around doing nothing.

Sunday was pretty sweet. Liz and CDMCC took us to Twin Falls, just east of Redmond. The drive was around 40 mins or so, but I wasn’t really counting. Apparently this was where they filmed Twin Peaks. The waterfall was pretty, though I didn’t get to try that “great cup of joe” as the series advertised. CDMCC did mention that to stay at the hotel for a night cost $200 or was it $400. At the scenic viewing spot, there were TONS AND TONS of ladybugs. I’m guessing it was ladybug mating season and they were landing all over me. Liz was scared because she kept thinking they were some dangerous type of beetle. Can’t seem to remember the type right now.

Afterwards we went hiking. The hike took about 2.5hrs (to and back). It was quite a workout which I haven’t had in some time. Got to see some nice scenarys (see photo album). Nothing much happened during the hike, besides the “conversations” we were having were quite inappropriate to be spoken in the public. But everyone had fun and Brenna and SFHalcyon had a flight to catch @ 8 so we left quickly and headed back.

CDMCC took us to this fancy restaurant in Fremont and they had TONS AND TONS of beer. Belgium beer I believe was their specialty. I had my lemonade, though it wasn’t quite sweet enough. Everyone had a blast. I decided I’d take Liam to the airport the next morning, so he came back to my place. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to wake up at earlier than 7am. That’s like my sleeping time! The drive there was pretty relaxed since I was able to take the carpool lane, but the drive back took a bit longer than expected cause I was hitting morning traffic. Vandel left later that day, but CDMCC took him to the airport.

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