Black Cat Episode 4

Black Cat Episode 4 – Smiling Cat

Tons of action in this episode, but no much was revealed.

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So Train and Sven has 2 different goals as seen in the previuos episode. Sven wants to rescue Eve because she’s just a little girl at heart being forced to become a weapon, while Train and his group sees Eve as a weapon too powerful to control and must be destroyed. Apparently, there was continuation of the nanotechnology research in the basement lab of the mansion. However, it was destroyed before Rinslet got there and her only guess is that Black Cat (Train) must’ve gotten there before she did. However, the anime seems to tell you otherwise. I have a hunch it’s that other partner of Train that adores him. Eve didn’t want to change, but the bad guys stuck an NS Amplication Device on that force all the nanomachines in her body to be uncontrollable and then both her hands and hair bangs became swords of some kind and started to attack Train. Train, although super fast, was only able to defend. Sven goes and risks his life trying to remove NS Amplication Device and Eve somehow manages stab right through him… Does Sven die? Does Black Cat kill Eve? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

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