Saber Marionette J to X Episode 6

Saber Marionette J to X Episode 6 – Phase 06: Two Otarus!? The Tightrope of Love

Another filler episode, but Bloodberry actually starts falling for a different guy other than Otaru!

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In this episodes, Bloodberry has a date with Otaru. She even went into the kitchen and made 2 bento boxes, one for herself and one for Otaru. As Azumanga Daioh calls it, it’s the bento box of love. You have to understand, Bloodberry never does the kitchen work. That’s always been Cherry’s job. She’s the muscle and the hotty. The kitchen was in total ruins after she was done with it. However, when Otaru showed up, he brought Lime along. Lime had insisted to come see the circus too. Bloodberry was so pissed and dashed off. While wandering around, she ended up at the circus and met the star, a tightrope walker named Akashi. At first she mistakened him to be Otaru cause it was basically Otaru with green long hair. Akashi’s and Otaru’s personality was completely different. Akashi would hold her hand, hug her, laugh with her, be only with her, and her maiden circuit was going crazy and she wasn’t sure if she was starting to have feelings for him. Somehow Bloodberry ended up in the act and Otaru saw her. He came to apologize, but Bloodberry didn’t really give him a chance to before Akashi to her to join the after party. That night, Bloodberry had many many things on her mind and began comparing Otaru with Akashi. A moment afterwards, she couldn’t believe she was actually comparing someone against Otaru. When she was about to leave, Akashi comes from behind and hugs her and says, “Tomorrow’s our last showing in this town, and I would very much like it if you were to come with me. I don’t need you to make up your mind right now, but I hope to hear good news from you tomorrow.” The next day during practice, Bloodberry suddenly stops during the act and leaves the tent. Akashi chases after her and finds Bloodberry kneeling on the floor crying. She apologizes and says she was only confusing him with her master and was really sorry for causing so much trouble. Akashi shrugs it off like nothing and said that he already knew she had someone else in mind because her eyes always seem to look through him. That night, Otaru dropped by again because Bloodberry didn’t come home. Akashi runs out and punches him and says, “Don’t let me know that you ever hurt Bloodberry’s feelings again.” He then rushes back in. Bloodberry comes out and Otaru tries to apologize again, but Bloodberry’s already crying and says, “I’m so terrible. I really hurt hsi feelings.” Otaru hugs her while she cries.

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